"Paw Prints"

Farley Elementary School's Weekly Family Update


Dear Farley Families,

This week is overflowing with so many thank yous! To begin with, thank you to all of the families and students who came to Open House last night. We had an incredible turnout. The line to get into the building went all the way to the street. One caregiver joked that it looked like the line for Taylor Swift tickets. We were over the moon with how many of you were able to join us. What a great way to kick-off the year! Thank you to all caregivers who were "courageous" and participated in our "Brave Pose Photo Booth". If you didn't get a chance to take a Caregiver Brave Pose Picture, make sure to stop by the booth during Caregiver Conferences. Thank you also to K caregivers Rachel Santiano and Jenna Bergeron for staffing the Home and School table!

Other gratitude this week goes to our new Superintendent Dr. Reagan, who joined Farley for the entire week as part of his "school residency" initiative which will have him spending five consecutive, whole days at each school this year. In addition to visiting classrooms, meeting with staff, participating in Open House, and enjoying lunch in our cafeteria, Dr. Reagan even road Bus 5 to school this morning. He tied hundreds of shoelaces and opened countless cartons of milk. We were happy to be his first host and hope he cherished his time as an honorary Farley Fox! See below for a few pictures of Dr. Reagan's adventures.

This weekend, I will be sharing the Farley Fun Run fundraiser with all of my own relatives and friends via the phone and my own personal social media. Last year my family was very generous and were excited to donate. I hope you will do the same. Our Fun Run officially kicks off on Monday here at school! Let's do all we can to reach our goal of $30,000 for playground updates!

Here's a reminder of the steps you can take to help us:

  1. Register at mybooster.com.
  2. Share about our fundraiser with your family and friends using the SHARE BUTTON on mybooster.com.
  3. Give a donation, if you are able.
  4. Join us for the Fun Run on 9/27- Here is the schedule of when your child's grade will run:

9:00-9:30am-Grade 1

9:40-10:10am-Grade K and PreK (on smaller track)

10:25--10:55am-Grade 2

1:15-1:45-Grade 4

1:45-2:15-Grade 3

We hope to see you there cheering us on! Have a great weekend!

Read Always,

Rachel Scanlon (she, her, hers)



September 18th:

  • Fun Run Kick-Off! Make sure to register so you can start raising funds! MYBOOSTER.COM

September 20th:

  • Half-day for students-Pick-up is 11:40am.

September 27th:

  • Fun Run will take place. Caregivers are welcome to come and watch.

October 4th:



Last week, grade 4 student Dimitri showed “Compassion In Action” as he helped a student who was afraid during our power outage. He kindly asked a nervous student if she was ok and asked her if she needed anything. Dimitri showed great kindness and compassion. "Compassion In Action" is one of the four tenants we teach as part of our Choose Love Social Emotional Curriculum. Thank you Dimitri!


Every year, I ask all students to try to be role models for each other. Students who I "catch" doing something positive, get an almost life-sized picture of themselves-hung up in the hallway for all to see. Here are a few of the students I "caught" holding up their Farley Foxes and being quiet in the halls already! . Here are a few super-stars from the week!



This week, I started most days by going to different homerooms to join their Morning Meetings. All students experience Morning Meeting at the start of each day. It is time to build community, friendships, and learn valuable social skills. Thank you to students and staff in Mrs. Gaffney's, Ms. White's, Ms. Gordon's and Mrs. Legers' classes for inviting me in join in on the fun! Below is a picture of Mrs. White's Grade 1 class.
Big picture



Hannah Cedrone has just joined our Pre K class as a new ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist. Ms. Cedrone grew up in Massachusetts and completed her Bachelor's degree in Social Work at Salve Regina University. ABA therapy is her passion and a field in which he has worked for about three years. When she is isn't working at Farley, you can find her hanging with family and friends, going to the beach, and shopping at Target! She is so excited to be a part of the Hudson community and is looking forward to a wonderful school year!



Our Farley Fun Run kicks off Monday! This year, our school is raising funds for updated playground equipment and amazing school events. Our goal is to raise $30,000, and, if you’d like to, we are inviting YOU to help!

Make sure to register for the Farley Fun Farley @ MYBOOSTER.COM or use the QR Code on the right. Remember, "The Farley Fun Run" is our ONLY MAJOR FUNDRAISER of the year. For the past four years, Farley's Home and School has partnered with Boosterthon experts to hold an exciting, school-wide Fun Run. This Fun Run is a healthy alternative to traditional product sales that raises much-needed funds for our school. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support Farley by giving pledges to our student runners! In the past, the funds donated helped to create our amazing courtyard classroom space, upgraded our school library, and brought a dozen cultural programs to our school. Our school relies on this fundraiser to help provide exceptional opportunities that enhance student learning.

Typically held on Farley’s baseball field, the Boosterthon Fun Run event is a high-energy day, full of enthusiasm from students, staff, families, friends, and of course, Boosterthon team members. Each grade assembles on the field and has a blast running laps while our community cheers them on, waving homemade signs and snapping pictures. Upbeat music plays continuously through the speakers as Boosterthon team members join the students around the Boosterthon Speedway, dancing and running to themed laps. You may see students laughing in a conga line, whipping lassos around their heads, skipping to some country tunes, or racing a Boosterthon team member. The goal of this event is to provide an enjoyable experience that builds community and school culture, while including fitness in the students’ school day.

So, you may be wondering, “What exactly happens during the Boosterthon Fun Run Fundraiser?” Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect as part of our fitness, leadership, and character-based fundraiser:

About two weeks before the Boosterthon Fun Run event begins, students will learn about this year’s character-based theme. This year’s theme is World Changer Workshop; it follows three kids who are faced with a huge challenge - Can they change the world? Students will learn the steps to making a difference: find a need, write a plan, rally a team, launch their plan and grit it out! Each day brings new learning and another day closer to the Boosterthon Fun Run event. Our fun, fitness event will encourage your children to let loose, be active and play with their classmates! All caregivers, staff, and community members are invited to join us by attending the event and cheering on students as they run an average of 30-35 laps around the “Boosterthon Speedway”. The Boosterthon Fun Run event is designed to celebrate every student learning valuable character and leadership principles while helping their school.

Home and School is excited to kick off our Farley Fun Run on 09/18/2022. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for playground upgrades and to support student centered events (like last year’s incredible cultural programs) throughout the school year-all of which strengthen our school community. We need YOU to make it successful.

Email Tara Sagor at tara.sagor@gmail.com if you are interested in helping to support this event in any way or if you have any specific questions!



Pleas join Farley's Home and School Association's next meeting on Wednesday, October 4th at 6:00pm. We will meet in the library. Free childcare will be provided! You can also attend virtually using this link: meet.google.com/kyj-jsgf-abr

Just in case you don't have Farley's Home and School's Facebook link--here it is:



Home and School hopes to have the Farley Family Directory completed by October. This means you have two weeks to sign up to be part of Home and School's Farley Family Directory! A directory comes in handy when trying to connect with other families outside of school. If you would like your contact information included in the directory please use QR Code to fill out the Google Form online.

If you have any questions or need last year's information revised please email Sarah Tracy @ sarah.tracy97@gmail.com.



Students get Paw Print Stickers for going above and beyond. When a staff member "catches" them doing something spectacular, they get two stickers-one to wear and one to put on their homeroom Fox poster. When their classroom Fox poster fills up with stickers, they get to have a classroom celebration. If you see a paw print on your child's clothing or backpack, please ask them why they got it.


Is your child looking to do something other than joining a sports team? Click the flier link below to find out how your child can join Cub Scouts!

Cub Scouts Flier


Two weeks ago, Ellen Schuck, the Head of Technology for the district, sent out her Technology Newsletter. This publication has essential information about all things related to HPS technology, including how caregivers can access the "ASPEN Parent Portal". Below is the link to her newsletter.



Farley is has filled all of their paraprofessional position but is still in need of Similar to last year, the Hudson Public Schools is in need of substitutes. We are looking for both day-to-day subs and permanent building subs. Day-to-Day subbing offers employees a flexible schedule. Our Permanent Building Substitute works every day but in a variety of classrooms. The permanent building substitute job is a salaried, benefit eligible position. If you are interested or would like more information, please feel free to email Mrs. Scanlon @ rscanlon@hudson.k12.ma.us or Mrs. Duke @ amduke@hudson.k12.ma.us directly to set up an interview. You can also apply online using the link below:



For help with food throughout the year, head to the MetroWestFoodCollaborative.org. In addition, "The Find Food Menu" on the MWFC website offers information about other food resources, where to find SNAP & HIP retailers, local farmer's markets and CSAs. Lastly, click the link or pictures below to get specific information about food options/distribution for Hudson residents.



Farley's Instructional Focus is getting all students to "explain their brains" across all content areas. Whenever possible, don't forget to ask your child to explain their thinking and reasoning.

Last Year's Farley Family Directory

Thank you to Sarah Tracy for updating the Farley Family Directory. Click the link below to make connections between Farley families! New families will be able to join the directory. Be on the lookout for how to sign up in the next coming weeks.

Farley Family Directory