System of interaction among countries

Globalization explained (by explainity)


Globalization can be broken up into four categories as to how it relates to the world we live in. The first bracket being technology. Our world is strongly influenced by the technological aspect to which we all live, and therefore globalization allows you to interact with people and countries around the world. Such ways could be via social networking and the way we share our information. For example, when you tweet, you are publically sharing your thoughts with not just your friends, but people from all around the world also have access to them. Ways to which we share information and can interface with other countries are by text, email, calling, and the internet. If there is a problem with an item you bought at a store, the technology we have allows you to easily pick up a phone and call them even if they are on the other side of the world. Another example would be this page you are reading right now. It is a web2.0 tool that can be viewed globally that shares my knowledge of globalization with people like you!

Problem? A problem with the globalization of technology is its affect on our youth. Many of todays children have poor social skills because they are constantly behind a computer screen or their smart phone. Problems that are linked to this are when they go for job interviews, and do not have proficient social skills to communicate properly. Yes, technology is a very useful tool and I understand that it is a necessity for school, however, this can be fixed. We can change this by limiting the amount of time individuals spend leisurely on the internet. This would increase the interaction of people, as well as allowing some time on the internet which would allow those who needed to use it the proper time without overdoing it.


The next division of globalization is the economic influence. Globalization has recently expanded to reach more countries, make stronger markets, and improve communications. Now, businesses can expand to become international and make more money. People see many downfalls to this such as the smaller businesses not having support, and the depleting of natural resources, however, there are also many advantages too. These include, economic growth, higher salaries and the creation of jobs.

This can be a problem for small, local, businesses who do not receive the amount of support that they need to succeed because all of the focus is on the larger businesses. If you are worried about your local businesses or own one yourself and realize the struggles, there are things you can do to help. Support the local businesses. Buy your products from local stores to support them. Essentially, if you are worried, they are the same products and where you buy them from will not make a difference to you.

Due to globalization, many cultures have been altered. Multinational companies are changing the cultural aspects of many countries; fast food restaurants, for example, have changed the eating habits of Asian countries that consider rice as a main food. Fashion trends from European countries are also carried over to the opposite side of the globe. This can serve as a good and beneficial thing because it allows us to discover the lifestyles and customs of the different groups of people. An example would be meditating. Before globalization, this was only practiced in India, but now, Americans and many other cultures have taken this on as a cool way to stay in shape. This can lead to a problem for other countries since America has such a strong influence on the world. Due to Americans forcing their culture on to others because of globalization and many cultures beliefs and customs have changed because of that. The article above talks about how businesses are affecting the cultures of many and some are worried that the world may become on big culture. My take on this is that it is a good thing for the businesses to be expanding to other countries being able to make more money, but, the smaller businesses with cultural significant goods are suffering and this interdependence is potentially threatening cultures all around the world.


Globalization has also had an affect on our environment and the way we think about it. Many of us now see environmental problems as being of international concern, such as protection of the oceans and the atmosphere from pollution. The environment is now considered the “common heritage of mankind,” and environmental problems are increasingly the subject of international efforts and that just one or a few nations can not solve these problems on their own so other countries step in. This occurs at regular meeting across the country that discuss global concerns such as the environment and its major issues. An example of a problem of this is in China. Because the vast majority of products are made there, a lot of pollution is produced. This affects the whole world because that pollution doesn't stop at the border of China, it continues on to the whole world.

Working Together

The different aspects of globalization that you just read about above do all have their own separate definitions, processes, and effects, however, they also all work together. An example of this would be the Americans dominating with their culture. They can do this over social media or online which is technology. Due to malfunctions when using technology, Americans also show their short tempers by getting aggravated when things don't go their way.

Since more businesses have expanded to larger countries making the economy better, the production of goods have also increased, also lowering the prices. This does affect the economy but some if those goods are reflections of culture such as food and technology, it's tying in those aspects of globalization as well. So, in conclusion, they all have to work together to create the overarching title of globalization.

Globalization in Effect

One product that I will focus on in an effort to explain this to you is a Gucci watch. It was made by the Gucci company in France. Here are some maps of that country. Remember: this is where is started! It ended up in the United States!


If you closely analyze each map you can see that one of the most populated areas in France is Paris. On the rail map, you can see that there a station right in the center on Paris. You can then infer that a lot of people live in Paris because of the easy access to a rail and the multiple routes that they can take. Also in Paris, it is an Oceanic climate zone, with many rives running by it which also describes why it is highly populated.
This link shows where globalization is headed. It also describes how it all began and developed to become the way it is today. I believe that it is a good thing as to how our world has become so interdependent. However, I also believe that we should stay at the point we are at now. If we become connected any further, than the distinction between cultures and sets of beliefs people have will slowly diminish and the world will become one big village as mentioned in the above article.

Globalization and Me

Globalization has a big impact on my life. Everyday I wake up to an alarm clock made in China. Without that alarm I would not be able to get up and come to school. The clothes I put on would not be there without globalization. I would still have clothes but the prices of each item would increase and I would probably not have as many clothing items as I do now. Throughout my day the food that I eat comes from all different countries around the world. The variety of food that I eat would not be possible without globalization. When I get home, I go on to social media networking.

I do this through my phone that I would not have if globalization did not exist since it is from China. I am able to connect, view, and talk to people that I usually could not. All in all, globalization affects me in good and bad ways. It is good because it provides me with all of the resources and products such as clothes and food that I need. Some downfalls to it however, are the poor quality of some goods that I receive. Due to large production of goods in one location they try to speed the process up in order to ship them out to the countries, so the quality decreases. Another issue is that large industries tend to move to the large production countries and therefore some people have to move or they just loose their job. Without globalization, I would not have the same opportunities or products that I currently have. However the quality of the items that I would have would be of higher quality.

From France to America

As you know from previously reading above, my watch came from France. Now some of you are wondering and others might find it interesting as to how exactly that watch made its way to my house. This watch was ordered off of the Gucci website for my mom. The one day delivery made for quick access to the watch. It was shipped from he Gucci manufacturers in France, to Manhattan, New York straight by a plane directed by FedEx. Once it made its way to New York, a Fedex truck drove it straight to my house in Derry, NH.