Austin Phillips


Hobbies and Activities involved in school

I play football as a tight end and defensive end, I play the baritone in band, I am apart of the FFA class and I am going to play boys golf in the spring


I attended Candy Lane preschool, Obee Elementary school Prairie Hills Middle School and I am currently at Buhler High School. Im not sure what college I would like to attend but I am thinking about Wichita State University. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Zolman that teaches science at PHMS.

Colleges I would like to attend


I have a mom named Karen, a dad named Dan, a sister named Alexandria or Alex for short, I have a brother named Mason, My mom and dad are very important in my life because they help me up when i'm down and teach me there life lessons.

Health Concerns

I have no health concerns except I do get seasonal allergy's

Contact Information

Mom: 620-899-0281

Dad: 620 899 0279