Fluids in People and Cars

By: Faith Marcelino - 805

The Role of Fluids in People and Cars

Fluids play a vital role in the proper function and performance of many machines. These two machines are the human body and the automobile. Both of these machines consist of several systems that work together to produce life and movement. These systems need several fluids for different reasons. The role of fluids in people and cars is similar because they both have these three following functions: cleaning, controlling, and cooling systems.


The windshield of a car needs to be clean for the driver to see where he/she is going. We use a windshield wiper fluid to clean the windshield. For humans, we use our eyes to look and see what is in front of us. We use our tears (we cry) to clean our eyes of dirt.


The steering wheel of a car needs to turn so you can control the car. We use Power Steering Fluid to turn the wheels of the car. While us humans, we use our heart to create hydraulic pressure to allow muscles to contact.


Cars need a cooling system so the parts of the car wont overheat. A cooling fan helps the inside of the car to keep cool. When humans are hot, we produce sweat. Sweat helps our body cool down.

Cleaning Fluids ^_^

Controlling Fluids >.<

Cooling Fluids XD