The Enlightenment

By: Gabby and Lexi

Part 1

The Enlightenment was a collected movement made by people who were influenced by the coming of the Scientific Revolution in the eightieth century.

1. The Great intellectuals

Montesquieu- tried to the natural laws that govern the social and political relationships of Hamm beings.

Voltaire- Was best known for his criticism of Christianity and his strong belief in religious tolerance. He championed deism, a religious philosophy based on reason and natural law.

Diderot- Most famous for his contribution to the enlightenment was the Encyclopedia, or classified dictionary of science, arts and trades. It was 28 volumes.

2. New Social Science

Philosophies believed that Newtons methods could be used to discover that natural law underlying all areas of human life. This led to social sciences- areas like economics and political science.

3. Rights of Women

Men thought women were less of them and thought that they should control women. This led to the coming out of female philosophers who began to express their thoughts. The most powerful statement was made by female writer Mary Wollstonecraft. She identified the problems of society in the Enlightenment; people think of her as the founder of women's rights.

4. Social World of the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment affected mostly the upper class; it took little affect towards peasants and people of the lower class. It caused people to read more; it spreader ideas in European society. The Enlightenment ideas led to bigger things like the salon. The salons were extravagant drawings of people in the upper class.

5. Religion

Many philosophes attacked the Christian churches even though they were Christians. Many of the people just sought a deeper personal devotion. The Catholic church remained an important center of life for the entire community.

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Part 2

Denis Diderot was a freelance writer who went to the University of Paris. Diderot's biggest ccomplishemnt in the Enlightenment was the making of the Enyclopedia. He made this to change general thinking in society, and it has. All types of people used the Encycopedia to in French society; it changed social, legal, and political ways.

Part 3- The Arts

King Louis XIV, Austrian emperor, Swedish King and other great rulers built huge residences. They were molded more on the Italian baroque style than they were on the French classical style, thus a new architectural style was burn. The enlightenment was a great time for musicians as well. Two great composers, Johann Sebastian Bach and George Fredrick Handel, stand out as musical geniuses. They both perfected the baroque musical style. This time was a great time for the European novel. It was especially attractive to a growing number of middle-class readers.