C.E. King High School

Welcome to the 2nd semester!


How are you? I certainly hope you are well rested and energized for a new semester. This break was just what I needed to get energized and focused. During the break I did exactly what I set out to do. I spent a lot of time with Candice, Donovan and Laylah, visited extended family and reconnected with friends and former co-workers. What about you? I am looking forward to hearing about your holiday break when we return.

The second semester is an opportunity to "give it another shot" for us and the students. At a recently attended basketball game (Go Panthers!), I had an opportunity to speak with a few students that had discipline issues their first semester (ISS, DAEP, etc). During our conversation, they shared with me that they want to make a change in their behavior and grades for the new year. Their number one concern was not if they could do it, but if we (the adults), would give them another chance to do the right thing. I found this very interesting in speaking with these young men. I shared with them that the number one way to change someone's perception of you is to simply do something different. Although we will be monitoring, I certainly wish these students the best. For all our students (especially the few that "burned our biscuits", let's extend new mercy).

I am sure we will all do some things differently this semester. Will you make changes in your classroom to benefit student learning? If you are an office worker, have you created new processes to make customer service better? As an administrative team, we met and worked over the holiday break to reflect on the good, bad and ugly with last semester. As a result, we have promised to implement some changes on how we handle classroom observation(s), student discipline and time management. I certainly hope you have done the same. I believe we should all come back ready to do the work needed to make our campus great!

In working at C.E. King High School, you said YES to "Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow". No matter the changes, celebrations and challenges, we are here to support our students and one another! We have a big job but I know we can do it! Stay the course and make this semester one of success across the organization.

Have a great week...better yet, have a great semester KHS!

Information Station!


1. All teachers and staff are due back on 1/4/2016. We will start our day at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast will be served in the annex cafeteria at 7:45 a.m. Our goal is to have a 2 hour meeting/training and give you time to have lunch and work in your classroom before the afternoon professional development. Professional dress is required. No jeans!

2. Starting Tuesday, we will have a slightly modified bell schedule. The difference are, there will be 5 extra minutes in first period for announcements, 5 extra minutes before lunch for reminders and 10 less minutes in SMART lunch. Details will be presented tomorrow morning.

3. This Friday morning from 9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. 1/8/2016, Herff Jones will be on campus to speak with Seniors and they will take the panoramic picture. Teachers of Seniors and Sponsors, please be prepared to be in the picture (look picture perfect). You will also be asked to observe for dress code violators before the photo. We will check for males with beards, earrings and females with inappropriate clothing before the Herff Jones presentation. This will give the violators time to get it corrected before the picture. Of course, we will make announcements throughout the week for all students being that they "forget" the dress code expectations after a break. Also, be prepared for some dress code sweeps this week and throughout the semester. I do believe this helped last time. Of course, nothing is more beneficial than helping us by addressing the students in your classroom and sending them to us.

4. Senior Expo Night will be 2/4/2016 at 6:00 p.m. This is our second year hosting this program where seniors can purchase graduation regalia, prom tickets, and get updated transcript and financial aid information. Last year we had a huge turnout! We will begin publicizing this event on Friday during the Senior Meeting.

5. This week, we will not have SMART lunch and be on advisory schedule. Please make sure you are covering the advisory lessons and having conversations about the purpose of the program. We saw a decrease in student issues towards the later part of the semester but want to keep that momentum going. Your PUSH for tutorials, active monitoring on duty and promptness makes all the difference.

6. I will be accepting grade changes throughout the week. If you have a discrepancy, please submit the request. Report cards will be printed on Thursday morning. Remember, this is a credit recovery/awarding marking period. Please consider that when submitting your grades.