Frankie Hernandez

The Cost

People will give up anything to pursue their dream; even their freedom!

Freedom is a broad word and it can relate to so many things. Freedom is the quality or state of being free. It's a privilege to be free and in certain cases people give up their freedom to pursue their dream. To willingly give up your freedom for the pursue of a dream it must be a dream that's worth fighting for everyday.

To pursue Gatsby 's dream of being with Daisy he had to give up his freedom in order for the chance of being with Daisy possible. To be with Daisy he had to give up his time which restrained his freedom to do other things like starting a family or live and experience life to the fullest. Gatsby tried anything he could to be with Daisy "...toward her all evening to attain this proximity and even while I watched I saw him stoop one ultimate degree and kiss at her cheek"(Fitzgerald 107). Gatsby spent all his time trying to be with Daisy, but at the end he was the one who died and Daisy moved away with Tom. Gatsby freedom was restrained because of how much time he used to get Daisy. He could have been elsewhere living his life and doing this he couldn't do at west egg.

The Inside Job was a documentary film about the financial crisis and how the American financial industry set out deliberately to defraud the ordinary American investor. The investors were hit the hardest with the financial crisis. During this period people believed "the financial industry is a service industry, and it should serve others before it serves itself". The cost if pursing a dream is freedom, and the investors lost that state of mind of freedom when they we're defrauded because now the large corporations are controlling what's going to happen to them instead of them making that choice for themselves. In the "Wall Street Great Recession Cost Us All 30 Trillion" the "United States federal deposit made a profit of about 15.5 billion dollars", but it damaged the citizens financially. These people who were significantly hurt by this lost the state if being free because now the United States federal deposit controlled what is happening to them, instead of them deciding what they want to happen.

In the article "Financial Institutions Hurt People Financially" it is about how banks work and how they are able to get those most money out of you. To be specific banks have "enormously high overdraft charges". The banks are damaging these people financially, and the people are being controlled by what the banks do. That state of being free is lost when that happens and it happens to a lot of people. In "Junk Mortages Under The Microscope" the same think is occurring " more than 1.5 trillion of loans, maybe 200 million dollars of losses, thousands of families facing foreclosure...". It goes back to that the American financial industry is a service industry it is supposed to help others, but in fact it helps itself first then it maybe helps the investors. That quality or state of being free is being loss because of this.


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