TRAFO Zadar , Croatia

by The Moving Academy & Teatro VeRRdi, 2nd Edition


An interactive event to spotlight social relevant questions and share insight with and through artistic practice.

// Training and creation workshop // Performance acts // Open laboratory //

! Join us from 23rd to 28th September 2014 !

"Movement happens, where inner fire and creative energy meet and unify with trust and collective spirit."
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Please take some time to read more about

- What is TRAFO

- How to get involved

- Why to join

- The Program

- The Workshop "The Power of Now"

- The responsible Organizations

What is TRAFO Zadar 2014

TRAFO is an impulse program for social impact and a participatory event where artists meet society and spotlight relevant questions of our times. It invites active players from arts and different fields of society to join and share 5 days in Zadar to transform inherent creative energy into meaningful action, set starting points and built capacity for future initiatives that make a difference in our daily lives and tackle solutions in relevant spots of our communities. After the successful event TRAFO 2013 Zadar: "Transitions", Teatro VeRRdi (Zadar) and The Moving Academy (Berlin) are calling for the next round: "Arts for Society". With different artistic and communicative formats we will evoke questions and spread sparkles for social innovation and change. TRAFO wants to open the space for creative crises intervention and a two-way communication for a next democratic level of artistic expression. Participation is open to regional and global players.

Zadar with its local and international public, provides a rich platform for creative research and intervention, to explore actual topics of the local and 'glocal' society and political, social, ecological, educational and spiritual challenges we face.

The specific value of the locations of Zadar and - above all - the engaged supporters from the Local Scene of arts and culture, the ngo sector and institutional field are providing an exciting starting point to create something positive. Together. Now.

Call for Participants

Artists, Innovators and Change Pioneers !

YOU are called to participate in a vivid exchange and change initiative - the TRAFO event in Zadar: Workshop, Site Specific Performance and an Interactive Open Lab.

Come and join our gathering to unite with dedicated individuals and scenes, who care for the development of our society and contribute to new ways of learning, living and working. We invite artists, entrepreneurs and interested persons from local and international backgrounds and various social, economical and political fields for a creative exchange about activism and active citizenship in our times.

How to get involved in TRAFO

There are 3 ways to participate:


Learn tools and create performative acts for site specific interaction in public.

See more below: "The Power of Now" - Artistic retreat _ learning and creation lab.

Apply via


with your presence in the days of the Public Quest and Art Act, sharing a common interest for interaction, communication and change.

Your feedback and contribution in form of o-tones in mail-posts, photos, videos are very welcome. We are excited to meet YOU! See the program below.


TRAFO is a non-for-profit program, mainly based on human resources.

We are grateful for every sign of your concrete support for this initiative in form of material and financial aid. Please get in contACT with us to find out how and what.

WHY to join in?

  • To be part of a deep and exciting creation, learning and sharing process of 5 days and nights.
  • To gain capacity and confidence to enliven society with your voice and action.
  • To gain trust in your personal mastery.
  • To contact needs and visions of our present and future learning, working and living.
  • To increase further competence for creation, action, leadership and team-competence.
  • To learn tools and practices for communication, group dynamic and active citizenship.
  • To enhance the inherent power and social impact we have, personally and as community.
  • To open the windows to all levels of society to act and interact to make a difference in our living-environment.


Tuesday, Sep. 23rd 2014 at 5pm to Sunday, Sep. 28th 2014 at 10pm

Zadar, Croatia

TRAFO 2014 "The Power of Now" _ Arts for Social Impact and Change

  • 23.9. - 27.9.
"The Power of Now" _ TRAFO Workshop: Artistic Retreat _ Learning and Creation Lab
  • 26.9. - 27.9.
"Public Quest" _ Site Specific Performance Acts
  • 26.9. - 28.9.
"ArtAct open LAB" _ Installation, Discussion, Performances, Film and more

Find a detailed program at 26.9. at


23. - 27. September

The 3-day intensive residency workshop of TRAFO will take place in Zadar old town. For artists, young innovators and change pioneers from the local field, South-East Europe and beyond.

We will identify the questions we have to ask in society and create artistic and performative ways to set them into public spaces from 26th to 27th of September. This "Public Quest" is part of the Open Lab with other site specific performances, exhibition, discussion and film-projection to interact with the present social reality of Zadar.

  • Starting point: What moves me? What do I want to move? We go into and for the topics that matter for us and explore the burning questions. To ask ourselves and our social environment: What is present? What is needed here and now?
  • Training and creating: social technologies, creation and performance tools with integrated coaching and awareness practice empower us to build support teams, catalyze creative energies and channel ideas into concrete artistic or performance acts. We focus our questions in direct, surprising and non-violent forms.
  • The passionate incubation time leads into the "? PUBLIC QUEST": we go "out" with site specific small performative acts. An intervention into the lives of locals and visitors in town. We interact with the society, give and evoke questions, curious to meet diverse realities and perspectives.
  • Our impACT might be immediate, rising reflection, consciousness or reaction. The questions we put out into the world are moving on. Let's care for them ... and be curious about the echo!

For further information about participation, please contact us:

You want to be part? Please contact:

Workshop Conditions and Application

Costs: The TRAFO Event is mainly based on human resources and offered non-for-profit by the responsible organizations.

  • A Workshop reservation fee of 115 Kn / 15 € (regional participants) / 60 € (international participants) will be charged. For international participants stipendia are possible. Please ask for them!

Criteria for participation:

  • Artists and entrepreneurs, active players and change pioneers from the artistic, social, ecological, educational and ngo fields. TRAFO is likewise open for everyone interested, without specified profession or background.

  • Age is 18+
  • Criteria for selecting participants are a serious call to impact social processes and create positive change in society, the ability to work in group-context and teams, the responsible (full time) participation in the workshop and the will to express in public.

You want to know more? For further information about participation, please contact us:

You want to be part? Yes! Please contact:

Application form and further practical information will be send.

Who is running the project?

TRAFO Zadar 2014 is a co-operation and co-creation event of Teatro VeRRdi, Zadar with The Moving Academy, Berlin. Hosted By Teatro VeRRdi, with support of The City of Zadar, Kazaliste Lutaka Zadar, Zalet and the independent arts scene.

TRAFO is an impulse program and exchange project on european and international level by The Moving Academy, Berlin*

* The Moving Academy

The Moving Academy is an independent organisation for transition learning, embodied leadership and mindful activism. The focus lies on personal and social presence and empowerment, creative crises intervention and social development and innovation.

TMA mobilizes pioneer energy to move into the challenges of today and make a shift into more conscious and sustainable ways of learning and living in mutual processes.

The specific methodology of TMA integrates performance arts and martial arts with body-mind-practices, awareness-based approaches and holistic leadership and coaching elements. It enhances self-leadership competences and personal mastery, encourages individuals and communities to take responsibility and empowers for a meaningful contribution to the society and world we live in.

Activities and programs of TMA are opening frames to host transitions, by offering trainings, formats and spaces for individualized and community learning. We address and connect innovators, players and change pioneers from the artistic, educational, social and environmental fields.

As a small non-profit organization TMA collaborates with partner-organizations and contributes to co-create and develop the scenes for glocal - local and global - learning and awareness.