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GA News & Features

  • Mobile App Analytics Course with Certification - The deadline has been extended to December 18 to earn the certificate, though the information will be available after. You can still register if you're interested. You don't have to take the certification, but if you do, recommend using the same email you used for your GAIQ Certification.
  • Customer Journey to Online Purchase Tool Updated - Google updated this Customer Journey tool recently. It shows aggregated data on where channels fall in the customer journey (beginning/middle/end) by industry and company size. Could be good background for when you're reviewing multi channel funnel reports.


  • Evolve IP Universal migration - targeted for Jan 2015

Sales Pipeline

Signed This Week

  • Paskill / Wayland Baptist University microsite
  • Incorporate

SOWs In Progress

  • Commune GA Audit & Support - with client/ in legal review
  • CSC Closed Loop - with client
  • LWW Adobe Analytics Audit & KPI/Behavior Tracking Plan - in development
  • NAVEX Global Blog GA Setup & Universal - with client
  • Philly Fun Guide Audit - with client
  • Sunoco Local Analytics - with client, should hear soon
  • USV Closed Loop - got verbal approval today! client POC has been assigned!
  • UPMC Expansion - with client; LW visiting Dec. 19
  • Vree Closed Loop - with client and back in play (hopefully)


  • Certainteed Phase 2
  • Outbrain
  • TBC
  • TREX
  • Littleton Coin GA Audit


  • none

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We're now showing 6 Qualified Users for GAIQ on the SEER Interactive page. And we know that will go up in a couple of weeks when a few of you renew your GAIQ.

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Actively recruiting 2 AMs. 1 offer declined this week. Tap your networks, if you have anyone to refer let Dana know.

Analytics Request Form Status

  • 4 open requests
  • 1 of these requests is more than a month old (and likely to be resolved next week)

Great job getting these requests closed out! Did you know we've resolved 143 requests through the Analytics Request Form this year?