March 2019

2019-2020 Coordinator for Student and School Services

For those who do not yet know, Ann White is retiring as the Manager of Administrative Services, Volunteers, and Records at the end of this school year. It is with great respect and excitment that we wish to introduce Amy Patton who has been selected to take over as the Coordinator for Student and School Services for 2019-2020. Amy will oversee customer relations, the SPS Volunteer Program, address the transfers within the district and support the EXPLORE program.

Mrs. Patton is well equipped for this role. She has served as the Principal of Rountree Elementary School since 2014, and prior to that was the assistant to the principal at both Disney and Bingham Elementaries. Her focus will be on developing relationships, fostering community partnerships, analyzing data, and collaborating with all stakeholders for the purpose of resolution and student success.

Our Amazing Volunteers

The heart of a volunteer is measured in size but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. No truer words could describe the level of service our volunteers provide at our school sites and departments. Their efforts drive our success. That time opens up the opportunity for our teaching staff to spend more than with their students.

The volunteer hours below speak volumes as to the level of interest and time spent at our sites. The in-kind cost of their efforts would cost the district $360, 577.00 to pay staff to do up to this point in the school year.

Our incentives are a nice way to recognize your volunteers.

  • 10 hours of service: Give a VIP lanyard to the volunteer.
  • 20 hours of service: Snap a picture of the volunteer and send to Brenda Swearengin to make a VIP picture ID of the volunteer. Make sure to send the volunteer name, and your building so we can return it to the correct building.
  • 50 hours ov volunteer service: the volunteer will receive a special pin for their lanyard. Brenda will send these to you.
  • 100+ volunteer receives a special notebook.

Keep us informed as to what you need for your volunteers.

Mark your calendars for National Volunteer Week celebrations run April 7-13, 2019. That week would be a wonderful time to recognize or publicly thank your volunteers for the gift of time.

Site Volunteer Coordinators, please continue to encourage your volunteers to log their hours, but most of all express appreciations to your volunteers. There are many big and small ways to do this. Here are some examples

  • Post a positive affirmation of their work on a bulletin board
  • Place a sign in a sign board (outside or on a school TV with scrolling announcements
  • Have students write thank you notes as a writing project to create a packet of thank yous for your frequent flyer volunteers or as a way to recognize a volunteer with lots of service hours.
  • Write a personal thank you email or express to them when you see them...they are appreciated.
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Transfers and Fourth Quarter

We are five days away from the end of third quarter. Beyond this date, our guidelines do not allow for the accepting of any Immediate Transfers for 2018-2019. Please note if a student is being revoked back to their home attendance area school for 4th quarter, it is important to communicate with the parent via phone or email prior to receiving the revocation letter. Nothing creates more angry phone calls than a parent who feels blindsided during Spring Break with a letter of revocation.

Transfer requests will not be accepted during the 4th quarter. Please take note of these items for this time period.

1. If a student moves within the district during the last quarter of the school year, they can stay in their current building for the remainder of that year. The subsequent year will require a transfer request and principal approval.

2. If the student violates the transfer policy enough to receive the final revocation letter during 4th quarter, the student will stay at the school until the end of the year. The revocation letter will state they will attend their home school for the next year.

3. If a student moves out of the Springfield R-12 Public School District before the last 3 weeks of school, the student is not allowed to remain enrolled. If a student moves out of the Springfield R-12 Public School District within the last 3 weeks of school, enrollment is allowed for the remainder of the current school year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

  1. Why do leprechauns recycle? They like to go green!

2. How is a best friend like a 4-leaf clover? They are hard to find and LUCKY to have!

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