Prince Edward Island

Fit For Royalty

Welcome to Prince Edward Island

For the experience of a lifetime, Prince Edward Island is the place to go. Prince Edward Island is home to picture perfect landscapes, some of the freshest food, and is full of a variety of things to do. It may be Canada's smallest province, but what P.E.I. lacks in size, it makes up for in its personality. As soon as you visit once, it will hold a magical place in your heart for the rest of your life.

Shocking Scenery

You can not go anywhere on the Island without coming across an Instagram-worthy landscape. With its majestic beaches and vast rolling countrysides, Prince Edward Island is the perfect example of natural beauty. The Island's scenery consists of a wide variety of colours; the bright blues of the ocean with white tipped waves, the greens and pastels of wild flowers, and the signature deep red of the soil and cliffs. You can not forget the lighthouses which are an iconic symbol of the East Coast. P.E.I. placed second in a survey that questioned which Canadian province people would like to travel to the most. Lucy Maud Montgomery's description of the Island in her book, Anne of Green Gables, most likely left readers asking if such a spectacular place could actually exist. Prince Edward Island's clear blue sky and perfect scenery will leave you breathless.
Take an aerial tour of Prince Edward Island

Fabulous Food

If you love fresh food, you will love Prince Edward Island. The Island is known for its abundance of fresh, quality potatoes and seafood. If you visit in the fall, you can take part in the Fall Flavours Festival, which will bring you across the province to enjoy the season's freshest food with celebrity chef hosts like P.E.I.'s very own Chef Michael Smith. Prince Edward Island has a lot of family run restaurants that highlight the Island's authentic tastes. One of the most popular places to grab a snack is Cow's Creamery, which was voted to have Canada's best ice cream. Cow's is found only in P.E.I. and produces a wide and unique variety of delectable ice cream flavours made from fresh ingredients. The exclusive flavours of the Island will leave your taste buds tingling!

Places to See, Things to Do

Prince Edward Island is saturated with exciting activities! There are even three different ways to get there! You can travel to the Island by plane, ferry, or the iconic Confederation Bridge. Did you know that the Confederation Bridge, at 12.9 km, is the longest bridge in the world? Prince Edward Island is also the setting of L.M. Montgomery's 1908 Anne of Green Gables. Nowadays you can find a diversity of Anne related attractions such as Green Gables Heritage Place, Avonlea Village, and the Anne of Green Gables Museum. P.E.I. is also home to 23 official Provincial Parks and Prince Edward Island National Park. These parks allow you to swim, hike, fish, bike, canoe and overall have a fantastic time in some of the most beautiful and natural places the Island has to offer. There are also soothing beaches along the majority of the coast. One of the more famous beaches is in Basin Head Provincial Park. At Basin Head, parents can relax on the sand while children can enjoy a higher energy activity of jumping off the docks and being carried out to the shallow sandbar by the tide. These are only a few of the many activities. As you can see, P.E.I. truly is full of things to do and places to see.

Visit Soon!

Prince Edward Island is a dream destination for many. From the natural beauty and colours, to the fabulous food, and something to do for every type of person, you can really see just how special the Island truly is. Even if you aren't convinced right now, as soon as you have been to P.E.I., it becomes a part of you. Once you arrive you will never want to leave. Start packing your suitcases and make your way to the Island. Don't forget your Selfie Stick!