Emma and Firm unlock the secret to power for the world


Hi I am Emma Goudy my lab and I have discovered the secret to nuclear fusion power! We can now make our energy just like the sun and you know how efficient the sun is! Now that we have this new untapped energy I would like to tell you more about it. Nuclear fusion produces energy by the reaction between two hydrogen isotopes, this is different from fission because that energy is made by splitting atoms to make uranium.

Nuclear Fusion for all!

Safety and the Economy

In the safety aspect there is low probability of harming resources, there is no greenhouse gas emission, and there is no radioactive waste, like with fission. All in all fusion is very safe and efficient. Now what would this power source do to the economy? Well it is cheap, clean, and abundant what more could you ask for. Everybody would have energy and without limitations on it we could do a lot more to further technology. You wouldn't be losing thousands of dollars to pay the energy bills either. It really and win, win, win for all.

Nuclear Fusion Is GOOD!