Dommynion Brown

my skills


I like building things and drawing because my mom inspired me. My mom is a professional artist and has been drawing for her whole life. She made me realize that art is a expression of feelings, passion, and culture. So I think that im good at being creative because whene I have nothing to do I make soomething up or draw something cool.


I love taking pictures and making videos. When I feel likeI have nothing to do I wil go and take pictures of things tht are interesting. Sometimes I take cool pictures and videos with my step-brothers and we will make up characters and fun story lines and make the most coolest, realistic, movies that we can.


I love working out. Im also good at sports. For my whole life I have done different sports and activities. For eight years of my life was in a american shotokahn karatie acadamy.

Maby about two or three years ago I was in a junior football and my team was called the killeen junior roos. Maby one one or two years ago I played on a basketball team, and next year in seventh grade im planning on doing basketball, football, and soccer.

tech savy

I like using technology and im good with it. I have a tv, xbox one, xbox 360, computer, and a PSP. Whenever my grandparents get new technology im usually the one to help them.
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