How To Take Care Of Dogs

You have to take care of dogs because if you don't,they will die.One of the things you have to do is walk them.You have to pick a good leash.If your dog runs a lot, you should pick a leash that goes out about eight feet.If your dog is com,you should pick a leash that is not too long and not too short.You should also pick a good collar.If your dog has a loose collar,then it will fall of and your dog will run away.You should play with your dog so that they can get exercise.Some dogs like to wrestle with toys.Some dogs like you to throw them toys.

What To Feed Dogs

You have to feed dogs or they will die.You should feed your dog about two to three times a day.You should go to the store and buy dog food.You can get two kinds of dog food,wet or dry.They are both very nutritious.

Giving Your Dog a Bath

Just like people,dogs get dirty too.But,you shouldn't give your dog a bath in your tub at home.Your bath tub would probably be filled with hair.You should do it outside or at a pet place.

4 Fun Facts

  1. Dogs sometimes eat their puke.2.Dogs sometimes chase goose.3.Dogs love chocolate,but it's bad for them.4.Dogs love it when you rub them on their tummy.