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We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of Smith STEM School. We would like to introduce ourselves, Teresa Giolito is our Principal, Ruth Luipold is our Curriculum Specialist, Sharon Zajack is our STEM Specialist, Charlotte Flanagan is our Lead Secretary and Aida Rodriguez, is our Office Paraprofessional. There are approximately 340 students at Smith School. There is one pre-kindergarten class and kindergarten through Grade 5. If you have any questions or you need additional information at the end of the virtual tour, you can contact us at 860-236-3315.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

This approach to education is designed to incorporate these subjects into the regular curriculum to help our students gain the skills required to succeed in today's challenging world. STEM education attempts to engage children by encouraging an inquiry-based curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, and collaborative learning.

Meet our Kindergarten Teachers

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A View of a Kindergarten Classroom

More from Smith STEM Teachers and Specialists

Magnet Families and Students Share About Their Experience

Students at Smith STEM School

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Tour of Our Specials Areas at Smith STEM School

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Smith STEM School Library

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The Suzuki Violin Program at Smith STEM School

The Suzuki Violin Program offers violin lessons free of charge during the school day in small group settings. Students learn the basics of playing the violin, including instrument posture and right and left hand techniques. All students have the opportunity to perform in a concert at the end of the school year. New students are admitted into the program in Pre-K, kindergarten (by lottery) and first grade (by lottery). Student musicians in the program continue to receive Suzuki lessons through 3rd grade, after which they transition to the regular instrumental music program.
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Special Events at Smith STEM School

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Members of Our Smith Family

Signature STEM Experience: Salmon in Schools Project

Please click on the picture below to see a video of our 4th graders experience as Environmental Stewards for salmon in Connecticut,

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Teresa Giolito, Principal

Charlotte Flanagan, Lead Secretary

Ruth Luipold, Curriculum Specialist

Sharon Zajack, STEM Specialist