VCR 10 Presentation

Hannah Cheramie


After repeatedly telling Olivia to wear her ID badge, Ms. Hutchinson finally ___________ her for her insubordination and irresponsibility by giving her lunch detention.
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CASTUS <L. "pure" "spotless"

CASTIGO, CASTIGARE, GASTIGAVI, GASTIGATUM <L. "to punish" "to correct" "to restrain"

tr.v. To punish; to criticize severely; to chastise

Alternate Forms

n. castigation

n. castigator

adj. castigatory


  • berate
  • criticize
  • reprimand
  • scold


  • approve
  • compliment
  • support
  • applaud

Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly:

  1. My mother castigated my brother after he screamed the entire car ride home from the grocery store and immediately put him in time out when we got home.
  2. Jenna does not understand why her economics professor continues to castigate her, even when she turns in all assignments on time.
  3. Self-castigation is important when you go on a diet, as it is sometimes the only way to maintain self control.
  4. After my speech, the crowd produced a heart warming castigation and the room filled with applause and pleased faces.