Weaverville Action Teams-Fall 2015

Sign up now so we can build our future together!

Our Leader in Me Lighthouse Team is on FIRE and we need YOU!

The Lighthouse Team has worked to turn the ideas that the whole staff brainstormed in October into our 3 year plan (refer to the Google Doc that has been shared). Now we need you! Leader in Me Action Teams have been created in order to get some help with planning and decision making for our school. This is an opportunity for people who are not on the Lighthouse Team to be involved in the decision making process because everyone's opinions matter and are valued.

Think about which of these action teams you are passionate and 'on fire' about. Then sign up on the posters located in the main office. This is optional, but this is your chance to be involved with the direction our school is heading. Remember that the decisions made will be implemented so it is important that we each use our voice in a powerful way!

Team chairs will schedule meetings and plan agendas.

The current action teams are:

  • Training New Leaders/staff
  • Leadership Day April 2016
  • PBIS / Matrix / Discipline Revision
  • Student Data Notebooks
  • Building/Physical Environment

Teams are limited to 6-8 team members so if you have a passion about one of these areas, make sure to sign up quickly!

Click here to watch some recruitment videos!

Watch these videos to help you determine which Action Team is the best for you! Then sign up on the posters located in the main office! Don't delay! We need YOU to help us build the future of Weaverville Elementary!