Foxy News


The New Garden In Town

The Goods of the New Garden

There is a new garden, in the vacant lot on Gibb St. There are good and bads about this new garden. Some goods are its the perfect time to plant, unleash the inner you. Express yourself, like Mrs. Sae Young did. She finally had enough courage to leave the house after she was robbed at her dry cleaners. Sae is also a widow, and she looks very happy. Also, you can give that food you grow ,and eat healthy or give to the homeless.

The Bads of the New Garden

Then there has been some cases. We have talked to a man named Curtis who claims Lateesha's tomatoes were stolen. Lateesha is his ex-girlfriend that he's trying to win back. All he had to say was "Lateesha give me one more chance".

Also the plants have also been failing due to the summer weather. People are trying to come up with ways to help the situation dealing with the heat and water issues.

Information about the Garden

Like I said it is the perfect time to plant. Get out there and express yourself. There are good and bad things about this garden, but don't think about the bad things. Get out there and take a risk. This garden is located on Gibb St in Clevene

Book Club: Moon Over Manifest

Sunday Night Church Service

Sunday, June 24th 1928 at 5:30-7pm

Shady's Place

We are having a special church meeting at my place. Come celebrate and enjoy our savour. This is going to be a special church service. We will have special guest here at this service. We hope and know we will see lots of people at service. Come enjoy snacks and drinks with us. Invite your friends and family. You can contact me at our local bar.


Dear John

Dear John, I've been feeling down lately. I'm supposed to be, but it's been five years since my parents death. My sister and I went into foster care, but we were seprated. I need advice on how to deal with the loss.

My parents died in a fire. When the fire started, I was at my pastor's daughter's house. We were going on a field trip the next day. LIly and I were seperated, she went to a nice lady, and I went to a elderly lady. How do I deal with it?



Dear Loner

Dear Loner, I have never been through what you are going through. I know friends and family that have went through the same thing you're going through. It's gonna be hard to deal with it.

It's hard to lose your parents out of everybody. You just have to think they are in s better place. I will join them one day. You sometimes have to think of the goods things not the bad. The bads come to mind a lot with some people, but put the goods in your mind. You and your sister will be reunited in a way. Just wait on it. You will get through it.