Think learning 14


This edition of Think Learning will look at the ingredients needed for outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment and will also provide you with information on some of the support areas that are available in the College to support learning.

Grade 1 Outstanding 2015

The Ofsted Common Inspection Framework - are you ready?

Challenge and motivation

Watch the video below by Rob Previn who talks about the importance of motivating and engaging all your learners.
Student Engagement And Motivation Tips - HOW to engage your students

Learning Coach Corner

Watch this great video on how specific feedback can result in improved outcomes.
critique and feedback - the story of austin's butterfly - Ron Berger

The role of Learning Support Staff

· To support individual students to overcome barriers to learning

· Reinforce learning

· Provide and support positive social interaction

· Monitor the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of the students

· Provide positive support and encouragement to help build self-esteem and confidence

· Learning support is additional help over and above what is generally needed

Learning support staff do not have a formal teaching role in the classroom (although some of our support staff are qualified teachers).

Watch the video below to see some of the roles that Learning Support carry out.

Learning support - what we do
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Staff succeed in Functional Skills

College staff celebrate success in Functional Skills
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Learning Resource Centre

The LRC provides a wide variety of support to both staff and students at the College. Did you know that the Learning Facilitators can provide the following staff development opportunities.


· Athens

· E-books

· ActivInspire

· ActiVotes

· Prezi

· Animoto

· Impero (the classroom management software installed in computer rooms)

· Any much more, you just need to ask!

Do you want to brush up on your skills or learn something completely new?

Contact a Learning Facilitator in the LRC to book a session.

CPD Sessions November 2015

There is a wide range of upcoming CPD sessions planned for November, examples include:

  • Using video to support learning
  • Questioning
  • Positive Classrooms
  • Growth Mindset
  • Flipped Learning

Check out the Staff Development VLE (link below) for the full range and details of how to book.

For ongoing support and useful articles and links join our Learning and Teaching Facebook page (link below).

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