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Kia ora koutou

A busy week has passed us by - a Board Meeting held at the start of the week taking priority.

The Board met on Monday evening to consider community feedback from our recent survey re: schooling future options. 30% of our school community responded to the survey with a 60/ 40 split in favour of primary schools retaining Year 7 students as their preferred option, and closure of both schools and a creation of a new school as their preferred second option.70% of our school community did not respond.

Comments are being considered so that when the Board writes their submission to the Ministry our community voice will be captured, considered and articulated reflecting that Option 1 was the preferred option received from those who responded.

The Board also confirmed the purchase of Innovative Learning Furniture which will be in place in all classrooms at the start of Term 3. The Board had been considering the purchase of the same prior to our closure announcement recognising the need for collaborative working spaces. Expenditure will come from an on call account where money remains from insurance funds.

School improvement project funding was given to all schools last year from the Ministry.

The Board will use some of this money for a cosmetic facelift of student toilet blocks.

Whilst we recognise the school entity is to close at the end of next year, the site will remain operational and students have the right to have appropriate facilities to accommodate them.

Should recapitation be the preferred option of the Minister, furniture and assets will duly be appropriated to schools as part of the closure process.

We now look to offer existing desks and furniture to local schools, any surplus will be offered to our school community. A koha donation will be appreciated with all proceeds going towards offsetting camp costs. Further information will be available over the next two weeks.

Today our 2020 Annual Report is included - both the End of Year Financial Statement and Annual Report can be found on our school website completing auditory requirements.

Staff meet next week to refine camp activities and associated fundraising needs.

We encourage you to ensure your child is working to fill their job cards meeting their targets.

October will be upon us before we know it!

Ngā mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan


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NZCF ( New Zealand Choral Federation )

On Sunday the 13th of June 2021 seven schools participated in the Big Sing, which was held at Sacred Heart Girls College in New Plymouth. At 2 pm the Big Sing competition began. Hawera Intermediate was sixth in line for the competition. Fourteen amazing students participated in this event.

Each choir performed two contrasting pieces of their own choice, and they had the option of competing. Hawera intermediate sang four songs: Haere Mai, Ko Te Kura Takawaenga o Hawera ( school song ), A Whole New World and So Long Farewell. The Kids Sing was about children getting involved, having fun and being inspired.

The students practised regularly giving up their morning tea breaks to make sure they were polished . They put all their effort into this. The Big Sing took courage and bravery to be able to stand up on stage and compete against many schools. One of the schools had more than seventy kids participate in their choir. Most of the Hawera Intermediate students had a solo, a duo or even a trio which was fantastic. I’m sure that this competition boosted their self esteem.

Overall it was a great experience and we managed to get Highly Commended for our efforts.

We must remember that none of this would have been possible without Mr Baylis, giving so much time to the students in the choir and we know by the look in his eyes we made him very proud. Thank you Mr Baylis!

By Saige Smith

Some comments from the adjudicator:

This was a committed performance where the whole group gave their all. You have a robust sound that carried well into the hall. Well done. (Haere Mai)

I love that you have your own school song. You performed this with pride. Some of you look fantastic when you sing – brilliant smiles! (Te Kura Takawaenga o Hawera)

I think you had the most varied programme today. It was great that you all were featured in this song. You all take great energy from your conductor – don’t forgot to give some back, in soft and slow singing too. Very cute ending. (So long, Farewell)

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School will be closed on the morning of Thursday 24th June then'...

Hawera Intermediate School teachers who are members of NZEI Te Riu Roa will be attending a paid union meeting on Thursday 24th , attending in the afternoon.

The purpose of these meetings is for teachers to discuss the priorities for the renegotiation of their collective agreement in 2022. Issues being discussed, such as school staffing levels, directly impact on the education of your children. These meetings are a critical component of the negotiation process and it is the legal right of all members to attend a meeting and have their say.

As 98% of our teachers are union members we have decided to close our school for the day.

The morning session will involve Professional Development and our school’s Education Review Officer will also be on site in the morning.

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Last week, Hawera Intermediate went to the AOG Church to learn about bullying and cyberbullying. In today’s world, we are lucky to have such good technology, but there is always a downside to things. We were taught why we should be careful online. Especially because at our age, we should be cautious about what we are doing online.

Access to technology means that cyberbullying or being unsafe online can happen at any time.The speaker, John Parsons told us a story of a girl who wasn’t being safe online and it led to bad choices. He also said about people posting pictures of others online without permission. He told us that you should always have boundaries or limits, because you never know what could happen. He also mentioned to us about making sure you don’t share personal information online because it is dangerous.

I think that as a school he gave everybody very good information about being safe online. It taught everyone a lesson why you should keep things private and make sure our family members are monitoring some of the things we do on social media. I hope that everyone thought about some of their non personal information they were sharing online and decided to change some things. by Delila Tun

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Calendar dates

  • 24 June - Staff Professional Development in the morning, Union Meeting afternoon
  • 29 June- Winter Sports Exchange - Devon Intermediate
  • 6-7 July - Home School Partnership Meetings
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Student's in Visual Art this week are viewing pictures of "THEN and Now" of Hawera landmarks. They are investigating their own sense of place in this term's school wide Inquiry focus of 'How does yesterday affect Today and Tomorrow?'

They are using Hamilton born New Zealand artist, Michael Shepherd to inspire their own artworks. Students transferred an image onto their prepared sepia backgrounds then inked their images using a photographic response by painting as if they were creating a negative.

This week they are having a practice run for the larger work to be completed by the end of the term.

Students across the classes found the concept challenging but as usual outshone any expectations and created work to a very high standard.

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