Edible Book Contest

Avon Center School Media Center

Celebrate National School Library Month!

To celebrate all the fun we have and learning we do in the Media Center, we are holding a family friendly competition for EDIBLE BOOKS.

Edible books are scenes or pictures of your favorite book made out of things you can eat! You can recreate a picture of the book, create a scene from your book, or create a scene that makes us say the name of the book (kinda like edible charades or Pictionary).

A few rules:

The contest date is Wednesday, April 15. Please bring your entry to the media center by 9:30 AM. Someone will be there to help you locate your display space.

Judging will begin at 2:30 PM, and the winners will be announced on Thursday morning's broadcast.

Please remember that your entry will be displayed all day. Hint: Roquefort cheese will really stink by the end of the day... Please take your entry home on Thursday.

Please make this a family affair: Kids, get your parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles and babysitters involved! Parents: let your kids take the lead on this project!

Keep it clean (literally speaking...)

And as always at school, PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!

Some ideas:



Mrs. Ways (ways.julie@d46.org; 847.543.5516)

Mrs. Wilson (wilson.christine@d46.org; 847.543.5509)