Your Opinion Matters!!

Diego, a boy that wants to put himself on probation

Should he get the probation that he does not deserve or do you think he deserves it?

A boy named Diego gets into a fight at our local school because another boy was looking at Diego in a way that somehow got Diego so mad it resulted in a fight. When Diego went to the court trial the judge decided that there was no penalty necessary, but Diego when up to the judge and asked for probation nervously but very determined.

We need your vote to help us decide. Should this boy keep harming innocent students or should we put on probation and have somebody to keep an eye on him.


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Bait by Alex Sanchez (Realistic Fiction)

Diego raised his hand "um excuse me your honor sir" Diego said the judge he turned to him "do you wish to say something" said the judge "yes your honor go ahead what is it I would like to be on probation sir" diego speaking nervously...