Christopher Columbus

A murderer or a hero?

What is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is a national holiday that is celebrated in honor of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the new world. Maybe have debated whether this should really be considered a national holiday. Some believe that he was to thank for his voyage to discover new land. Others believe that he should not be honored but shamed because our all the Taino Indians that he and his men killed and enslaved.

Don't change the name!

I believe that Columbus Day should not be changed. They declared it a national holiday in 1971 and it has been since then. So what reasoning do they have to change it now that they didn’t have 41 years ago? Plus all the controversy will just cause people to become upset.

Honor the explores

Columbus took the voyage and discovered the land we live on today. We should be grateful and honor him for what he did not shame his name. He was one of many explores that killed to find land so he should not be the only one punished.