COVID Communication Procedures

Granville County Public Schools

The new academic year has begun, and we realize that you may have questions about what will happen if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your child’s school.

Procedure for Report of COVID-19 on Campus

GCPS will report suspected, presumptive, or positive cases of COVID-19 to the Granville-Vance Health Department and work with them for follow-up and conduct contact tracing. If a person with COVID-19 was in a GCPS facility while infectious, we will coordinate with local health officials to notify affected employees and families.

Because of our obligation to protect the privacy of students and employees as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) federal laws, the district cannot release specific information about a confirmed case. The names of the people affected and other personally identifiable information will be provided to public health officials in accordance with reporting requirements; however, this information will not be released to the public or the media.

Unless a positive COVID-19 case results in a significant disruption of a campus’ ability to safely operate or deliver instruction, only those identified as close contacts will be notified.

In the event of a reported cluster, it may be necessary for a school to shift to fully remote learning for a certain period of time. Staff and families should be prepared for potential shifts to online instruction if they become necessary. Any changes to a school’s instructional plan will be communicated to families with as much notice as the circumstances allow.

Help Stop the Spread – Healthy Schools Start at Home

We would like to remind our families of the following hygiene practices that can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Please review these practices with your child and others in your family.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitizer;
  • Distance yourself (at least 6 feet) from others;
  • Wear a face covering when in public and on school grounds;
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Stay at home if you are not feeling well. If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your healthcare professional.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. The health and safety of our schools is of utmost importance, and we are hopeful that we can all do our part to successfully face this global pandemic.

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