Should Marijuana be Legalized

By: Hannah Zuelzke


This question has been ask by thousand of people around the nation, Should we legalize Marijuana? Around 50 to 60 percent of the people want Marijuana to be legal. But why do they think that and why does the other half of people say no?

Pros for Marijuana

Marijuana for Medical Use

Imagine you have chronic pain (pain that last for 12 week or even more) and or doctor keep scribe you more and more medications that can be addicting and/or, if overdose, can be harmful to you or someone you love. Study show that a whiff of Marijuana could help you with your chronic pain. This drug is less dangerous than the drugs that the doctors subscribe you and it is not addicting at all. Plus this is a natural drug, so this mean it will be less expensive than than your daily opioids. You met be wondering "how can Marijuana not kill you but opioids (pain medication) can?" Well according to National Cancer Institute “Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.” This meant that because, different drugs take different pathways through your body, opioids pathways goes to the center in your brain where it controls breathing, so if taken too much you can stop breathing all together, but Marijuana goes through different pathway making this impossible for you to stop breathing.

Marijuana is not just for chronic pain it is also helpful for cancer patients who have Neuropathic pain that they get from there chemotherapy. Marijuana could help thousand of cancer patients with there treatment. This could even help the people and family with there rare illness, Neutropenia (a rare blood disorder that make you more easier to get ill caused by the lack of neutrophils.)

Marijuana is used for many pain like illness, but it can also help out the rare amount of people who have seizures. Seizures, or epilepsy, are electrical activity in or brain that sometimes causes you to faint or even have a muscle spasm. According to the news brooked out from hearing that Marijuana could help with this as other medication could not.

A veteran who has mental physicals and mental when left the war at Afghanistan, said that Marijuana also helped him with his problems when no other medication could. So after that he began to move were help has been getting better.

Marijuana can be quite helpful for you or love ones medical issues. but what else can it do?

How Can Marijuana Befit Our Society

So how in the world can Marijuana help our society? Okay I know that no one likes taxes, but if Marijuana does became legal the government will get more taxes and have more money to fix the roads and help the schools.

Usually the first drugs that kids take is Marijuana then they get exposed to more dangerous drugs. So if we legalize Marijuana this could decrease the amount of druggies. This may also leave this jail cells uncrowded.

This information is not a benefit to out society but it still is part of it. Alcohol is like Marijuana the difference is, is that you can die from Alcohol, Alcohol is legal, and Marijuana is more helpful than the other. So why isn't it legal?

Cons for Marijuana

Side Effects

Marijuana may be helpful for you in many ways, but like all drug there are side effects. One of most herd side effect is that it can effect or brain. It can get you paranoid, Dopey, and it could even give you memory lost. Also if you smoke Marijuana you could possible lose your job, for example lets say you work with machines everyday, no want to have an employ who cuts off his/her and say "wow, my finger is really bloodily," in other word no one really want a dopey its basically like "no drinking on the job." Marijuana can also affect our driving and change your physical appearance, like blood shot eyes, and you can tell/feel lethargic (sleepy.) Not only can it do that to your body but it can even, but it can it can give you lung irritation, leading you to cough, give you an increase in appetite, also know as munchies, and if taken young decrease your maturity level.

Society Issues

If we have Marianna becomes legalized we are still going to have are users and abusers no matter what. For instance in article it stated that Colorado got sued by another state because someone from the black market toke there Marijuana and brought it to there state. Marijuana can be helpful, sometimes, but can be terrible the other times


Marijuana can be helpful in so many ways, like medical issues, like pain, to society issues like money. But don't the side effect like, memory lost, to the black market.