Rosa Parks

my mentor and what she accomplished

I chose Rosa Parks as my mentor because she is an inspiring women who wasn't afraid to stand up for what she thought was wrong. She was a brilliant and strong independent women. She accomplished many things, but the most important one was the Montgomery bus boycott, the beginning of the modern Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks received many accolades through out her life and had multiple things named after her.

Values and mentor characteristics

Rosa Parks has multiple values such as caring, citizenship, and trustworthiness. Rosa Parks is a good mentor for young people not only for her values but also for her character. She inspires many people because of how she stood up for African Americans when they were being discriminated against. She made them feel like they were actual people and that they shouldn't be treated the way they were. Even though she could have felt peer pressure from the people around her she didn't give up her seat to a white man because she thought that she shouldn't have to give up her seat just because she was an African American.
Rosa Parks Interview