Virginia Opossum

The common opossum


They have mainly thick, gray and white fur.

Weight- 8- 13lbs

Length- 2.5

Females have pouches

Live up to 2 years

Home and Habitat

Range: forests, farmland, open woods, marshes, swamps and streams

Nests: Leaf nests in a tree, abandoned burrows, logs or rock piles


Two to three litters a year

~7-8 Extremely underdeveloped young born

Half the young born don't make it to the pouch.

Once in the pouch, another 50-60 days to finish developing

Hang around on mother's back for 4-6 weeks

They aren't endangered

Favorite foods

They are omnivores
They also find food by its sense of smell


They don't sleep upside down by their tails

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