Wilton Junior High

It's a dance!

Halloween Dance

Come join us at the Wilton Jr. High School dance. It is in the Wilton Elementary School gym and it costs three dollars. You must go to or work at Wilton Jr. High School in order to come. We will be selling pop for one dollar and pizza for two dollars. No food or drinks are allowed in the gym so there is no mess. This dance is ran by the Wilton Jr. High School student council and we appreciate your attendance.

Friday October 31st 2013 at 3:30 to 5:30

The day at school the day of the dance will also be dressing in your appropriate Halloween costume. The seminar with the most points will win a beaver award. You do not have to be dressed in a Halloween costume to come to the dance you just have to pay the three dollars.

You Will Have A Lot Of Fun!