War Of 1812

{The 2nd American Revolution}

Summary of War of 1812

Britain disrespected the americans rights and their trade.the cause of this war was because it blocked the americans by trading with other nations and also they were prohibited from it.Also the united states suffered a humilutatiing defeat after brock and tecumseh forces. after a while things got better for the americans and they had the northwest territory under their control,but then the british got outraged and they ambushed the white house and other buildings. but soon the war ended by the british moving to an new area and by giving the americans the victory and by leaving them alone.In the end americans had won independence once again.

Causes of the War Hawks

Were a coterie of about 9 Democratic-Republicans who persuaded congress into supporting a declaration of war against britain,they were tired of how the british was doing the americans ,thought that a war would be the only way to stop their violations.

The Consequences On The War Of 1812 -->>

Death on federalists

Lost their presidency and also they lost their majority on congress,but they dead because of its lack of democracy and because of its opposition to the war of 1812.


Finally, the War of 1812 gave America sources of pride, namely: far superior naval warships, superior naval tactics, great naval victories(Great Lakes, all of the "USS Constitution's" small engagements), great land victories (Fort McHenry and New Orleans), and emergent leaders (Madison and Andrew Jackson).