Child Lobor


Human Rights violations

I care about Children Rights because many of there rights are being violated .The way that children aren't even respected as a human being . Human trafficking also known as slavery because human have no freedom .There's slavery and the percentage of its 218 million of child labor of ages of 5-17. This situation happens in everywhere in the whole world. Families get trick by human traffickers promises hope and work for children that's when they also fall in the trick .Especially child labor this is terrible because there in bad conditions and their force to work as servants , sex servers. Children get sale . The countries where it mostly happens child labor are the following Pakistan, Burundi, Zimbabwe and more. traffickers take either sex boy or girl they really don't care.

What is being done about the problem?

Governments of nations are rejecting slavery and there trying to defeat human trafficking. To help in these cases of child labor violations there are corporations that help expand this issue to influence and inform the readers so others could know a group like a team to eliminate Human trafficking .These organizations promote justice for humans rights rather if there rights had been violated. I research IPEC , ILO ,Scream stop child labor these organizations represent a hope for the elimination of slavery in the whole world.

Organization that fight for children rights

These organization help children and others learn of the reality that's happening in real life. How it affects families in countries.The main point is to eliminate human trafficking these organizations give hope and respect for human rights.


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