Becker College

Home of the Hawks

Available Community Volunteer Work As A Trainer

  • Wildlife Images
  • Animal Clinics
  • Animal Shelter
  • Baby sit animals

School Info

  • 2,000 students enroll
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1
  • Offer Animal care programs where you can be hands on with animals
  • 2.0 GPA but a minimum of 2.5
  • 3079 SAT/ACT score

Location Info

  • Worcester Ma
  • Fun things to do: Elm Park, Museums, Reserve
  • Weather: Rain, Snow
  • Mostly mountains

Paying for College

FAFSA due in March
Plan to pay: Scholarships:

  • Parents
  • Finding a job
Scholarships I plan to apply for:
  • $3,000 Create Art, Stop Bullying Scholarship
  • $5,000 Online Positivity Scholarship

Achieving post high school goals

  • My goals would be getting a better math grade, getting a better GPA
  • Classes I will take to help is classes I enjoy
  • Any science class is helpful, Like Biology, Ecology, Anything with animals