BYOD Initiative -- The Facts

Bring Your Own Device Curriculum

Dear Parents,

It is my job as the fourth grade technology specialist to fill you in on the latest happenings here at Mountain View Elementary School. With that being said, we are introducing a new practice at school starting this fall--Bring Your Own Device. Here, kids will be able to bring or rent their own laptops, tablets, chrome books, and smartphones to bring to class. To get a head start on this initiative, you as parents can familiarize your children with the "ins and outs" of their respective devices. Once back in school, your students will participate in technology based projects such as digital note taking, Genius Hour, and individualized math and phonics activities! These devices will give the one on one help and instruction that will help your children flourish! In order to be well educated in this new program and set your child up for success, there are some steps you can take:

Get Acquainted with Your Device!

See Other Programs In Motion

Admittedly, the idea of a BYOD program is one of confusion and stress--don't be alarmed! This program will come at no cost for you or your child's academic achievement. If you want to see how this program has impacted other schools in a positive way, check out some of these resources, as well as feel free to contact me at any time with questions!

Here, you can see how a school in Texas has thrived thanks to a BYOD program! It has created levels of creativity and innovation that the teaching staff never could've imagined!:

Keeping things closer to home, here's another story of success right near us in Forsyth County!

For you more curious parents, this last resource is a more in-depth look into another successful Bring Your Own Device program. It offers statistical benefits, specific factor breakdowns, and other impacts of the initiative!

About Your Child's Technology Specialist

Hi there! My name is Sarah Erdman and I am Mountain View Elementary School's fourth grade technology specialist. I am highly trained in the world of educational technology, as I was mentored by the brilliant Dr. Robert Branch of the University of Georgia. I love working with kids and seeing how these new develops can open their minds to new experiences and new thoughts! I can't wait to see how your kids change the world!