Percussion Stuff!

Feb. 17-Mar. 5

Outside of Class stuff. . .

To finish this week we have our final Pep Band on Friday night, Feb. 19. It is a 7:00 game with a 6:00 arrival. I will be putting in credit for Pep Bands beginning next week.

I also want to remind parents of the days that some students are meeting with me this week to see if I can get them caught up with their solo and ensemble music:

Today--3:00 Caitlin Jackson

3:30 Maggie Craig

4:00 Justin Epperly

4:30 Ryan Weis

Saturday, Feb. 20 is Symphonic Band Day. The students who are performing with the band students at Large Ensemble Festival will have a rehearsal from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm by themselves; lunch from 12:30 - 1:30 and then full band rehearsal from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. This is the only time the entire group will be able to be together before being judged on Mar. 1. The following students are performing: Brynn Jackson, Caitlin Jackson,Nathan Andrzejewski, Brett Heumann, Maggie Craig, Brian Kolodziej, Nathan Thomas-Benke, Charlie Craig, Peter Gunn. This is the group that will be trying to earn a "I" rating at Large Ensemble Festival.

Also on this day, the South High and Southwest Middle are having a Mattress Sale as a fund raiser from 10-5. The Southwest Middle Commons will be set up like a mattress store where you can try out brand new, name brand mattresses that are up to 50% off. If you know of someone looking for a new mattress, please send them to Southwest Middle. The students should have flyers that can be picked up in the band room. For every flyer that comes to the sale with a students' name on it, that student will be entered into a drawing for a tablet, a monitor or a set of bluetooth head phones.

The week of Feb. 22, each ensemble will need to meet outside of class to have an uninterrupted rehearsal. Putting all Percussion students in one class cuts back on the amount of time we can spend with each group (we have 4). On Monday, Mercury Rising will meet at 3:00 and Head Talk will meet at 5:30. We expect to meet for about an hour and a half. On Tuesday, Ave Maria/Chipboard will meet at 3:00 and on Wednesday, Breakfast at Timpani's will meet at 3:30. This is our last effort at true rehearsal. Everything after that point will be run throughs and logistic preparations for March 5.

Thursday, Feb. 25, there are Parent/Teacher conferences from 3-8 pm. Please feel free to come in and discuss anything. I will try to have more information regarding Large and Small Ensemble Festivals at the conferences.

March 1: Large Ensemble Festival (see list of those for Feb. 20 Symphonic Band Day). This is happening during the school day. They will need to bring their tuxes and formals to school. We will leave school around 9:00 am and be back by 1:00 pm. The Festival is at Lindbergh High School. We play at 10:41 am. Parents are invited and welcome to watch them perform.

March 5: Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. Everyone performs. We will be wearing any combination of black and green, only black and green. Our 1st performance is at 10:31 with a large break until the next group. I would like for everyone to be there for the 10:31 and then enjoy a lunch together. Everyone needs to be at Parkway Central by 12:00 noon. We perform most of our stuff in the afternoon and then will need to unload the truck at South before calling it a day (hopefully a successful one!)

In Class Stuff. .

Warm-up as usual adding Double Paradiddle to Basic and all Paradiddles and the Paradiddle combo to Intermediate.

Playing tests, then rehearsal, on all ensemble literature: Mercury Rising, Ave Maria/Chipboard, Breakfast at Timpani's and Head Talk.

Movenote assignments for this week: Elysium A - B and Rockin' Rickie Rocket B - C.

Long Range Stuff. . .

Feb. 20 (Sat) 9 – 3:30 Symphonic Band Day (select students only)

Mar. 1 10:41 am Large Ensemble Festival (selected students)

Mar. 5 (Sat) 10:31-4:22 Solo and Small Ensemble Festival (required)

Apr. 15 (Fri) 8-10 pm Orchestra Pops Concert Rehearsal

Apr. 16 (Sat) 7:30 pm Orchestra Pops Concert; (Rehearsal 1-4 pm)

Apr. 23 (Sat) All day MO Day of Percussion; Battle High School

Apr. 29 (Fri) 7:30 pm TENTATIVE Spring Band Concert

Apr. 30 (Sat) TBA State Solo and Small Ensemble Festival,

University of Missouri, Columbia MO

May 9 (Mon) 7:30 pm South High Percussion Concert

May 13 (Fri) 7:30 pm South High Graduation, Queeny Park; Arrive by 6:00 pm


Please contact me with any questions. Schedules should be coming via email soon.