European Green Crab

By: Chris Proctor and Camden McMillan

Species Information

Common name- European Green Crab

Scientific name- Carcinus Maenas

Species Type - Aquatic and Terrestrial Animal

Physical Description and Native Habitat

-This crab is a darkish green color, with a rough edged body, medium sized claws, five spines and has eight legs and two claws.

- The European green crab's feeding habits and tolerance of a wide variety of environmental conditions has numerous coastal communities outside its native range, including South Africa, Australia, Japan, and both coasts of North America.

Threats and problems

The green crab is killing all the soft shell clams off the east coast of the united states. It is the main prey that they feed on. This occurs near the outer banks and coastal north carolina. This crab spreads by attaching it self to a boat. For example the reason the crab is over here is because it attached to a european boat that was on its way to maine

Population Control

One of the ways we think population can be controlled is by crabbing tournaments and by putting them in the local aqurium with there own habitat.