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October 30, 2020

From the Principal...Steve Morrill

Upcoming Non-Attendance Days

Just a reminder that schools will be closed next Tuesday, November 3rd for the Election Day holiday. Looking ahead, students will not be in attendance on Monday, November 9th, as this is designated a remote planning day for teachers.

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time ends this Sunday, November 1, 2020, at 2:00 A.M. On Saturday night, make sure to set your clocks back one hour (i.e., gaining one hour) to “fall back.”

Professional Learning = Student Learning

As parents we are conditioned to focus on the tests or assessments that our kids take and the grades at the end each quarter or semester. I’m guilty as well. Just this week I reached out to both of my boys who are in college and after pleasantries, I immediately asked them what their exam averages were in their classes for the fall semester. After a brief conversation, I had to remind them, and myself, that there is more to learning than the “final test.” It is important to know that there are two types of assessments: Formative and Summative. Typically, people think of test scores as summative assessments. However, tests can also fall under the category of formative assessments. These assessments are used to monitor student progress “during the learning” and are, in most cases, more important than summative assessments. The “heavy lifting” of learning really occurs when deficits are identified through formative assessments and gaps are closed before the next “test.” Focusing on only the summative, can lead to “cramming” for tests and forgetting information quickly after the evaluation. Whereas, focusing on the formatives typically leads to incremental, forward progress. A basic analogy would be to say a formative assessment is like “preparing a meal and adjusting the various ingredients along the way”, and a summative assessment would be “what happens when you eat that meal.”

Students are formatively assessed on a regular basis so that feedback can be provided, allowing them the opportunity to make improvements. An example of a summative assessment would be an “end of unit” test, or standardized test such as the IAR assessment students take in the spring and once complete, students have no opportunity to improve the test score.

Over the past several weeks our professional learning communities (content teams) have been working with district specialists to analyze and process our students’ i-Ready diagnostic results from this assessment they took. As families, you received your student’s i-Ready diagnostic results recently. At school, teachers noted student gaps, identified areas of focus, and began making changes to instructional approaches and design in order to be responsive to the students in their classes.

This is an example of teachers and PLC teams evaluating student “formative assessments” in order to make real time changes to their instructional approaches in order to better meet individual student needs or gaps specific students may have.

Our middle school schedule allows our teachers who facilitate the same content to come together regularly to learn, to reflect on instructional approaches, and evaluate student data so that we can be responsive to our middle schoolers resulting in a positive, rich learning experience. Maybe you could allow your middle schooler to make a meal this weekend, which the whole family can assess at the dinner table.

Enjoy the Fall weekend!

~ Steve

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Thank You Essential Workers!

Our staff has a tradition of dressing up for Halloween in a themed costume. This year, we are taking advantage of our tradition and the holiday to say thank you all essential workers in and around our community. Take a look at this video to see our staff having some fun while expressing gratitude to all of you who have worked so hard throughout the past several months.

Saints Tutoring Thunder 2020-2021

Beginning on October 30th, we are allowing parents and students to sign up for our Saints tutoring Thunder (STT) club. This club will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Saint's tutoring Thunder (STT) club will provide students with an opportunity to receive help on homework, projects, and/or comprehension of material that they are learning in classes. The Saint's tutoring Thunder (STT) club is available for any student, whether attending in-person or fully remote.

STT allows students to meet virtually on Google Meets with a St. Charles East Sophomore tutor from 4:15 until 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Thompson club supervisor will facilitate the after school support while supervising the high school sophomore students tutoring our students.

Sign-ups are available Thursday -Monday. This ensures that we have the correct amount of tutors for our students. You can click here to sign up for Saint's tutoring Thunder club. Once your student has been signed up, they will receive an invite link in their email.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Shane Darnell, Assistant Principal.

Thunder Students Shine!

Each month, in an effort to recognize our outstanding students, teachers recommend students who are following the Thunder Guidelines for Success (responsibility, perseverance, team work, respect, and kindness). One hundred and sixty seven in-person and remote students were nominated for the month of October. All nominated students were entered into a raffle to win a giftcard. Congratulations to the following winners:

6th Grade

Ryan Cameron

Tyler Gleason

Sarah Havis

Jorge Sanchez

Alex Xotla

7th Grade

Giselle Garcia

Haylee Kaliski

Brian Lara

Castalie Schambach

Juan Valdez

8th grade

Olivia Barnes

Cameron Bettini

Connor Burke

Adam Weberski

Intramural Boys Basketball

Thompson will be offering boys basketball for 7th and 8th graders beginning on November 16th for 'A' students and November 17th for 'B' students. Following the IDPH sports safety guidelines, basketball will have no contact practices and training only. Masks will be worn at all times and there will be no scrimmaging.

All students who want to attend must have a current physical and an Agreement to Participate in Interscholastic Sports form on file with the front office before attending any session. Students are encouraged to attend a Google Meet with the coaches next week and join the Google Classroom The cost to participate is $120 and will be billed through PushCoin. All of the forms and sign up information is located in the link below.

Improv Club

Next week, Improv Club will meet on both Monday and Thursday for 'A' students. 'B' students will meet the next two WEDNESDAYS to accommodate the shift in the schedule. Check for emails sent to Improv Club students or the Improv google classroom for a full schedule through November. Thank you!
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Student ID Expectations for Middle Schools

D303 has clear expectations that all middle school students wear their IDs at all times. If a student does not have an ID, they will need to purchase a new one for $5 in the LRC. The $5 will be charged to your child's PushCoin account. This can add up very quickly if a student does not have their ID several times. Please talk to your child about showing responsibility by wearing his/her ID/lanyard at all times, and understand the financial implications of having to buy replacement ID/lanyards.

  • Students received 1 ID and can get 1 additional ID for free.
  • Students received 1 lanyard and can get 1 additional lanyard for free.

Fall Non-Attendance Days for Students

November 3 - Election Day - NEW THIS YEAR!

November 9 - Remote Learning Planning Day for Staff

November 23-27- Thanksgiving Break

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D303 Parent University

Parent University was developed in response to the need for programming to address the social and emotional needs of students in District 303. Over the last decade, the district has strived to provide information on topics that are relevant, timely, and beneficial for all parents and guardians.

November 2, 2020

Technology Talk
Sessions will be organized as follows:
7:30-8:00-Google Classroom
In this upcoming Parent University session, families will familiarize themselves with the 3 digital platforms teachers may use in the district: Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Schoology. Each digital platform will have its own 30-minute session. During these sessions, families will learn how best to support their children with their classwork. They will see where assignments are posted, how teachers communicate and collaborate with their child, where students turn in their work, and the many ways teachers can utilize the platform. Please fill out this form to indicate which session you are interested in attending.

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Remote Academy Learning Resources

Welcome to remote learning! Remember that remote students have classes every day. Below are resources for our full remote learners:

You can check the attendance for any of your students at any time by logging into the Home Access Center and clicking on the attendance tab to view. Toggle between students using the arrow in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the main office at (331) 228-3100! We are here to help!

Support for Remote Students

Our TMS and WMS Middle School Counselors will be offering office hours for Remote Students only. These office hours are intended to provide students academic support, time management skills, organizational skills and stress/anxiety coping strategies. The ZOOM link to meet with the counselor during the scheduled hours can be found on the Remote Academy website page.

Office Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00 am - 10:00 am & 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Thompson PTO

Check out the Thompson PTO website by clicking on the button above!

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, November 2 - Parent University "Technology Talks"
  • Tuesday, November 3 - Election Day Holiday (Schools are Closed)
  • Monday, November 9 - Remote Learning Planning Day (No School for Students)
  • Thursday, November 12 - PTO Meeting (virtual) - 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Monday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Break - non-attendance week
  • Monday, November 30 - School Resumes
  • Thursday, December 3 - i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment (asynchronous) - 'B' students
  • Friday, December 4 - i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment (asynchronous) - 'A' students
  • Thursday, December 10 - PTO Meeting (virtual) - 9:00 - 10:00 am
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