Avalon School Parent Newsletter

Vol. 8 May - June 2019

Secondary Spring Concert

Join us on May 29th at 7:00 PM in the School Auditorium for an evening of music performed by students in Grades 6-12.

School Uniform Policy and Dress Code Guidelines for 2019

Beginning August 2019, Avalon K-12 School will implement a School Uniform Policy similar to those in effect at other LBUSD schools. The purpose of the uniform policy and dress code at Avalon K-12 School is to present a professional and academic atmosphere for our students. Uniforms also promote a safer more secure campus. We believe the dress at Avalon School reflects an attitude of self-respect and a commitment to learning. Thank you for your support in helping our students be serious about school.
School Uniform Policy and Dress Code Guidelines

Click here to view a 1 page uniform reference guide for Students in TK - 12 Grade

Free School Uniforms from the Assistance League of Long Beach

In preparation for the implementation of our school uniform policy next year, Avalon School has been working with the Assistance League of Long Beach's Operation School Bell program to provide a free uniform for every student in grades TK-12. Volunteers from Operation School Bell will be on campus on June 6th to fit current students for their uniforms. In August, each Avalon Student will receive a backpack with the following items to get them started.

Transitional Kindergarten - 4th Grade
1 Pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts or 1 skort, 2 polo shirts, 1 hoodie, socks and underwear.

5th-8th Grade
2 pairs of pants, 3 polo shirts and 1 hoodie

9th-12th Grade

2 pairs of pants, 3 polo shirts or spirit T-shirts and one hoodie.

Most Inspiring Student - Jose Barragan Solano

Each year the Long Beach Educational Foundation holds a dinner and awards ceremony to honor the District's Most Inspiring Students. Some are the first members of their families to graduate from high school and to go to college. Some achieve despite difficult circumstances. Some face tough challenges: serious injuries, life-threatening illnesses, severe disabilities, extreme poverty, loss of loved ones and other difficulties that could impair their education. Some have excelled despite incredible odds. All inspire us with their perseverance and determination.

This year Avalon selected Jose Barragan Solano as our Most Inspiring Student.

Jose is an exceptional young man; an inspiration who shows others that with hard work, dedication, determination and a positive attitude great things can be accomplished. Maintaining an incredibly busy schedule he does an amazing job balancing academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and work, always with a smile on his face. Jose learned English as a second language in an astonishingly short period of time, and has used his language skills as a spring board for other academic and professional pursuits. He even earned a place as one of our Co-Valedictorians this year. Jose strives to learn, and shares what he has learned with others. He is a great debater and eloquent speaker with a witty sense of humor. He has a genuine spirit of giving and caring and it really shows both at school and in our small community. Congratulations to Jose Barragan and all of the other Inspiring students

What's Happening in May and June

Activities and Events Calendar

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Annual UPC Notification

The Long Beach Unified School District annually notifies its students, employees, parents or guardians of students, and other interested parties of the Uniform Complaint Procedures process (UPC). Click the links below for more information about the UPC.

Uniform Complaint Procedures (UPC) Annual Notice 2018-19

Title IX

A Safe Place to Learn Act