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November 23, 2020

Full Remote Transition

On Wednesday, November 18th, principals received an email at 2:02pm informing us that the city has met the 3% infection rate in the city and under an earlier agreement, schools would shift to all remote. Although this was hinted upon as early as November 13th from the Mayor and Chancellor, its certainty definitely leaves all of the PS 88Q community concerned. For some families, approximately 340 students have been all remote since September, but for others, this shift changed things quite substantially. Schools were told to plan for this situation, and as a school, we did. With all staff working remotely now, and no students receiving in-person learning, we adjusted our sails.

  • Teacher teams remain together. In the hybrid model, two teachers were necessary (or three) but in the all remote, one teacher (or two for ICT) is required. WE DID NOT CHANGE THAT. Your child will continue with the same team, therefore allowing the teachers to basically share the remote duties, create a small group to begin with, which is even smaller when they create their differentiated groups. We know smaller class size is a huge factor in a students success.
  • Our amazing physical education teachers, as well as our music teacher can offer live instruction now, as they are not providing in person learning in the building. All of our students will be exposed to them in a live content, and they may choose who during their lunch.
  • Having two teachers help the students work in smaller, more explicit groups to help close any gaps that may be occurring, or to provide enrichment to students who are progressing quickly.
  • We are honored to be selected by our Superintendent for an RTI Pilot Program, which is providing our school with many supports to successfully work with students based on their need. This program, which began in the summer, uses our I-Ready data to provide students with tiered interventions such as SPIRE, Reading Rescue, Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions such as Fundations Double Dose to specifically address any students need, in six week cycles. We know that remote learning is difficult, and having a small targeted group which addresses that specific skill is much more purposeful than a whole class zoom. It is what we would do in the building, so why not take it into the remote world.
  • With the burden of creating the most effective remote learning environment on families, we know this is hard, especially with more than one child. We are hopeful that this remote time is shorter rather than longer, and that we all remain healthy and safe. As always, if for some reason you and having difficulty during this time, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


  • At this time, we are awaiting the shipment of 162 devices for families who requested them through the city. As soon as they are received, we will be calling families to come to school to pick them up.

What are The Chancellors Expectations for Remote Learning

Please see the below link for the guidelines for remote learning. The amount of time online is included. Remember that is per child, as whole class lessons of 32 students is not required for full periods, nor is it necessary. This details what time should be used for a mini lesson followed by asynchronous activities. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT BE ONLINE MORE THAN THE REQUIRED TIMES.

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is like no other for all of us. The large table of family, the classroom celebrations, the absence of some who would have and should be at the table are just a few of the reasons. This pandemic is hard. It is something that has shifted our core, our sense of safety and has made us aware of just what we are thankful for. Mr. Canales, who creates our wonderful videos for us couldn't have said it better than in this video. I watched it last night when he finished it, and it reminded me of the heroes all around us. I am thankful for so much this year, and all of the PS 88Q community who has shown enormous patience, understanding, support and compassion for each other. Our community is one to be proud of. Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving ❤️.

Please enjoy Mr. Canales' episode 7. Thank you Mr. Canales.

PS 88q fm ly episode 7 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no online learning on Thursday November 26th and Friday November 27th. Online learning will resume on Monday, November 30th.

Share your Gratitute

Please continue to share your thank you's to all of the PS 88Q community.