Things about praying

praying is most important in our culture. we pray 5 times a day and when we are praying we feal peaceful because we Know that it is the right thing to do.when praying we focus and it is not some thing to play in. We have to be focused and all distracting noses must be turned off. In the old days we would use microphones to call muslims wich the muslims appreciated.

Every Friday

Every friday me and my friends go to the mosque to pray and that is when most muslims come to pray.praying is important to us if we make a mistake we do it all over again.On ramadan we fast and that time is the most peacful time for us and we are happy about that people in our culture .most of the time after we pray we read this book called the quran does it seem familiar?

When we pray

Why is it different

We muslims are different because we fast every day and then eat food on the fourth prayer and we also do this at eid and ramadan.
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The mosque

Most Mosque's are located at many state's and country's they can be found in asia africa america and Pakistan they are beutiful in so many ways once your in their you could feel the peacfulness.