The different 1940 suits for men

1940 suits

In 1940, after the world war, the men’s suit changed drastically. The 1940 suits for men lost pocket flaps, trouser cuffs and vests to marmalade fabrics. This also changed after the war was over and plausibly became one of the main iconic periods in current history. In the middle of 1940's as the swing era thrived in with the zoot suits, the designers began to make more of classy outfits.

The late 1940 suits for men for the work purpose were usually dull ad dark shades. The suits were usually black or navy blue in color. The people of the 1940s usually wore very simple suits. They were very plain. Even the functional suits were very plain and had colors such as solid black, blue or grey. The shirts worn with the suits were also very plain and had very little embellishments. But with the time it changed. As the war ended, people started wearing bright suits to work. The most famous suit of 1940s is Esquire jacket suit. It was a loose fitting and had very broad shoulders. This type of jacket suit is still very famous at present times.

The 1940 mens suits online for men consisted of double breasted suits. They were worn with wider trousers and jumbo sized jackets. However this trend and fashion came to an end very quickly. Soon shirts as well as coats began to come into existence. They were available with a wide variety of colors from peach, blue-grey and putty.

The 1940 suits for men also had zoot suits. The zoot suits were bright in colors, had baggy legs and also long jackets. This was considered a complete deviation from the custom. However, this zoot suit was famous only among the younger generation during the period of war. The hat was also a very significant part of 1940s suit.

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