6th Grade Science

Coach Murray---4th Nine Weeks

Comparing and Contrasting Cells

We have discussed cell characteristics the last week and now are onto the actual cell parts and functions. (Please quiz your kids on the parts of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells as well as differences and similarities in Plant and Animal Cells)
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This Week: Unit 11: Cell Part and Functions

Students have shown a great understanding of the Prokaryotic Cells and Eukaryotic Cells and their characteristics. After our test on Wednesday we will Start talking about the many different organelles that are found inside our Eukaryotic Cells, and the differences and similarities between Animal Cells and Plant Cells. A few Parts that we will discuss are listed below. (parts are now in their journal so should have them to study, and yes they can bring journal home, just make sure students bring them back)

  • Nucleus- organelle that contains DNA in all eukaryotes
  • Vacuole- storage vessel for cell to hold food or water
  • Cell Wall- found in all plant cells and some prokaryotes, outer shell used in protection and structure
  • DNA- "Cell Blueprint" contains genetic information
  • Mitochondria- "Power Plant" makes energy for cell to function
  • Ribosome- "Protein Factory" makes proteins
  • Cytoplasm- gel-like fluid that fills the cell, everything floats in it.
  • Chromosome- bundle of genes
  • Chloroplast- found in plant cells only, site of photosyntesis
  • Cell Membrane- out boundry of cell, regulates what goes in and comes out of cell
  • Lysosome- "Janitors" digests and recycles old worn out cell parts, also digests food particles
  • Organelle- "Tiny Organ" all the internal part floatinf around inside the cytoplasm

After next week please start reviewing with you kiddos.

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Awesome Presentation by two of our students.

Thought I would share one of our many awesome Cell Theory Presentations done by our awesome 6th grade students.