Intro to Composistion 110

AnnMarie Narloch- Fall 2014 Beth Undem, instructor


As a young child, I always enjoyed writing my own stories as a hobby. My creativity as a kid blossomed out in my writing. Of course, these stories were not at all grammatically correct. As I grew older, my interest in writing declined, that is until I took this class. I regained my ability to write stories and essays. As a writer, I like to focus my essays on health issues because that is an interest of mine. There were many changes in my writing that I underwent during this semester that has made me a better writer. I have become a better writer grammatically as well as processing information clearly. This portfolio will demonstrate well structured, focused essays and will provide examples of my writing.

Features of a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a very important part of a essay. It should explain the point you want to get across to the audience. The thesis statement should not be a question and should not be the very first sentance. A usual thesis statement is typically one to two sentences long. Also a thesis statement should not be too general too specific. It should be a general statement that is supported by facts or ideas in the essay.


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