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March 28, 2016

From the Principal's Desk

Move It Outside Day - Sponsored By CB Cares and the Forty Assets

What makes one child grow up to be a strong, solid citizen, while another tests the limits of the law? The Search Institute, a non-profit, independent research organization, has identified 40 scientifically based experiences, relationships, opportunities, skills and character traits that have a powerful impact on a child’s life and the choices he/she makes. The more assets a child possesses, the better chance that child has of being successful.

On Friday, Doyle will celebrate two assets for our children: #5 Caring School Climate and #25 Reading for Pleasure. The purpose of Move It Outside Day is to encourage our children to turn off their electronic devices, computers, tablets, phones, and televisions, and get outside to play or read. The children will travel through various outside activities and culminate with a jog to the top of the Bike and Hike Path where they will receive a bookmark to encourage them to read.

We thank the CB Cares community for supporting this event with the purchase of a tetherball activity center. If you would like more information about the 40 Assets, click on this link:


Wing Tips

Casserole Cooks

Thank you to Mrs. Lombardi and all her Casserole Cooks and helpers for the delicious food served on Conference Day. Teachers enjoyed every bite of the casseroles, sandwiches, salads, desserts you prepared for us. What a wonderful treat!

Otto The Auto

Thank you to Mrs. Williams for organizing bicycle safety assemblies for our students. Our students had fun with Otto the Auto and learned some very important safety information.

News From The Nest

Human Growth & Development

In the upcoming weeks, your children in grades 4 – 6 will be participating in the Human Growth and Development Units. You can preview the lessons by clicking on http://www.cbsd.org/Page/1497.

A PDF version of the Powerpoints (instructional curriculum) used in the classrooms can be viewed at http://www.cbsd.org/Page/18863.

PSSAs Are In The Air

Doyle Elementary School

Spring 2016 PSSA Schedules

Assessment season is upon us and we are gearing up for our PSSA tests. The dates of our assessments are:

For more details, please check the information pamphlet on our website.

  • English Language Arts - April 12 – 15, 2016 (Grades 3 – 6)
  • Mathematics - April 18 – 20, 2016 (Grades 3 – 6)
  • Science - April 26, 2016 (Grade 4)

To get your child off to a good start, be sure your child gets a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Eagle's Pride

March Madness 2

The Doyle March Madness winning team, BKs with Ben Newman, Owen Duffy, Casey Smith and Cole Fehrman had an opportunity on Monday to play (and defeat) our Doyle Dunkers.
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Scrabble Club has begun! Students in grades 4-6 are becoming word masters as they play Scrabble in teams each week. Congratulations to Marcus and Owen who had the highest scoring play last week of 28 points with the word "zags"!

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We are very proud of our Doyle Troop 2897 2nd grade Brownies, who all took turns selling cookies at ACME on different weekend mornings, in below freezing weather; we are also proud of them for donating 11 cases of cookies to our troops overseas, and for donating some of the cookie money they earned to Doyle's Garden Committee (they will be donating some money in April 2016 when they do their service commitment project).

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Held at Penn State University this past weekend - 68 teams from across PA attended.

Out of top 24 swimmers in boys 9/10 age group in PA YMCA swimming:

Blaise Hoffmann finished 17th in 200yd freestyle (8 lengths of pool) and 19th in Individual Medley (one length of each stroke).

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Congratulations to Hannah Wood and her team mates for winning the DAA Grade 5/6 Girls Division Championship Game! Way to go Black Hawks!

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Congratulations to Chuck Lefevre, former Soaring Eagle on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Chuck collected food donations for the New Britain Baptist Food Larder. His donation of 4200 pounds of food was the largest individual donation they have ever see. Way to go, Chuck!

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From the Arts Department

CB Art Scholarship Fund

The Central Bucks Art Department is seeking art enthusiasts interested in contributing to the Central Bucks Art Scholarship Fund through an advertising donation of $20.00.

All proceeds will go directly to fund art scholarships for three graduating seniors from our high schools, who are pursuing a career in the Visual Arts.

In recognition for your generous donation, the Art Department would like to place a copy of your business card in our District Art Show brochure to further foster our connection between our district and the community.

Please submit your business card and your $20.00 donation to your school’s art teacher by Monday April 11th.

All checks may be made out to the CB Art Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for supporting the ARTS in Central Bucks!

Parent Positive Presentation

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CB Cares Backpack 2015

Here are the CB Cares Backpack News.

Boomerang Awards 2015

March Asset # 17: Creative Activities:

Young person participates in creative activities which have a direct positive impact on him/her and others. Their creative activity can take a variety of forms - music, drama, art, or any other creative activity.

Upcoming Events

March 2016

March 29: Kindergarten: No school

March 31: Grade 4: Human Growth & Development

April 2016

April 1: Move It Outside Day
April 6: Dining For Doyle @ Jules Pizza (5:00 - 8:00 PM)
April 7: Grade 4: Human Growth & Development
April 7: Reading Olympics at Mill Creek
April 8: Grade 2: Field Trip to Lost River Caverns
April 12 - 15: Grades 3 - 6: PSSA Language Arts
April 13: Parent Positive Presentation, Dr. Ken Ginsberg @ CB West, 7:00 PM
April 18 - 20: Grades 3 - 6: PSSA Math
April 22: Grades K - 6: No School for Students
April 26: Grade 4: PSSA Science

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News From the Community

PAWLP Young Writers/Young Readers Summer Workshops

For the 32nd summer, Westchester University is offering Young Writers/Young Readers workshops again. Further information is available on our website.