Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

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From a recent Google Master:

"Ninja Academy is incredible! Each time I reach another level I have learned so much needed information about our technology opportunities.

I am using my resources in a much more efficient way now.

Wow! Who knew?

Thank you so much for putting this opportunity out there for us so that we can DIY our technology!

Love it! It is a real time saver and the data I am able to gather is fantastic!"

Do YOU Have What It Takes to be a Google Ninja?

Several across our district have taken the challenge of becoming a Google Master! These people have earned all four Google Ninja Belts:

Allison Floyd

Ashley Baldwin

Jamie Reid

Karen Stanfield

Marlena Bell

Beth Miller

Alicia Stratton

Angela Jester

April Kisner

Gay Nell German

Jhondee Barnes

Viki Bozeman

Robin Harris

Leslie Fagin

(pictures coming soon!)

Go to classroom. google.com to join the Google Classroom. Once you access the class, you will see a plus (+) sign in the upper right hand corner. Click the sign and choose to join a class. The class code for the Ninja Academy is ctbid6.

Once you enter the code, you will be enrolled in the class. You will NOT have to type in the code again. You will notice that there is a test and video tutorials for each belt. The videos are there to help familiarize you with the particular app. Once you are ready to take the test, just click on the link for the Google Form and take the test. There is also a link to the leaderboard. Just like last year, you can take the tests as many times as need be.

If you have difficulty accessing Google Classroom, please email Lonny Harper.

Google Ninja FAQ's

Access the Google Ninja FAQ's HERE!
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Beaverbrook is still in the lead! Cowan Middle and GHS continue to lead for middle schools and the high schools!

Who's going to take the lead this week??

CHALLENGE: The first principal who earns all four Google Ninja Belts, will earn donuts for their staff! Starting NOW!

*This does not include last year's Google Ninja Academy. It is only for the current Google Ninja Academy.

To see the complete list of Google Ninjas, please click on the following link: https://goo.gl/epIvPK

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Audio Enhancement/Safari Montage FAQs

Access the Audio Enhancement/Safari Montage FAQs here.

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Write About is an online writing space that allows students the opportunity to write on topics that are appealing to them, and it also allows peer feedback. The program has images that students can write about or record using the voice recording feature. Teachers can leave feedback for students, and the site also has lesson plans that are available for teachers.

The free version of Write About gives teachers accounts for up to 40 students. The paid version gives teachers greater access.

Here is a brief video that demonstrates Write About.

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Formative is an online assessment tool that allows teachers to quickly assess their students and get results in real time. Teachers can build assessments in the platform or upload documents and then build a quiz. Students take the quiz on their devices, and the teacher is able to see exactly what a student is writing as they are writing.

Just Another Day in Class

Pendulum stop motion MRS
Students in Cara Cook's 3rd grade class at the Enrichment Center are learning how to make pendulums. As part of the learning process, they are making stop motion videos.