By:Taylor S.Cowan

Do you want to be a zoologist?

A Zoologist is a scientist who studies every aspect of animal wildlife, like thier origin, behavior, diseases, habitat, lifecycle, and much more.

Here is an Interesting fact about Zoology

Zooloist design physically and mentally stimulating habitats for zoo animals.

How zoologist affect society

zoologist help explain how to take care of different types of animals and how to act around them.

Education and skills needed

You will need a bachlors degree in an nature science field such as zoology, ecology, general biology. The skills you might need is patents and silence.


The personality needed for the job is an interest in animal and good logic.

Annual salary and project job growth

The annual salary is $57,420 and the project job growth is 7% to 13%

Companies that might employ zoologist.

The audubon, The U.S Geolohical survey, The U.S. fish and wildlife service.