Becoming an Entrepreneur

Traislynn Nicholson

What is it?

the process of starting, organizing, managing, and assuming the responsibility for a business

What Qualities do you need to become and entrepreneur?

  • Persistent
  • inquisitive
  • creative
  • reliable
  • competitive
  • ability to secure resources
  • problem-solving skills

How do you start an entrepreneurship

  1. establish goals- It is good to have personal goals for your business
  2. Think through your business- what is your product or service? Who are your potential customers?
  3. Have an early client base- make sure you have customers willing to pay the price for the good or service
  4. Talk to your loved ones- you can't do it by yourself. Make sure your family supports you
  5. adopt an all or nothing mentality- have an open mind when it comes to your business