This Week w/ Ms. Werth

Nov. 9th - Nov. 13th



Mrs. Schlagenhauf (our music teacher) has asked me to let you know that the recorders are now here. If your child ordered one, they will be handed out on C Day of this week. If they chose to borrow one from the school or use one from a sibling/family member, please have them prepared with those this week.


Mrs. Whittington (our cafeteria manager) has asked me to let you know that on Tuesday, Nov. 17th all the schools in the Foard district will be partnering with Chick-fil-a to test out a pilot program in which Chick-fil-a provides each school with chicken sliders for lunch (this will be charged exactly like school lunch if your child chooses to participate). Based on the success of this pilot program we may be implementing this more frequently this school year.

S.T.E.M. Home Challenge:

Mrs. Hudson (our media coordinator) has asked me to let you know about a new school-wide, monthly S.T.E.M. challenge. These are completely optional, for all grade levels, and should encourage creativity (not become a financial burden). These monthly challenges will come home at the beginning of each month, should require normal house-hold items (this month's is a pencil), and will be displayed in the display case near the office for visitors and others to see. More information pertaining to this month's challenge went home Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Hudson @

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Math and Science

This week in math students successfully finished Unit 5 in Math Expressions and I am proud to say - all students showed growth (that's wonderful!). We have had a few conversations about individual student growth in math and I believe students are really starting to believe in themselves and live up to their full potential. Next up in math is Unit 7 which centers around long division. I again ask that you allow me to introduce long division using boxes so students can see the correlation between multiplication and division before trying to teach an alternative way to divide.

This week in science students are interacting with magnets in order to see and experience force (both force of attraction and force of repulsion). Pictured above you will notice one of my science groups really intrigued by the force activity. As we concluded the activity in which students used a scale, magnets, washers, and spacers to measure the strength of the force between the magnets, this particular group was so interested in knowing exactly how many spacers they could add in order to break the force, that they created their own extension activity (how awesome when students take charge of their own learning!)

Following the magnet review, we move directly into electricity. Students will begin this unit by working collaboratively to create a closed circuit using only a light bulb (electricity source), a battery (electricity receiver), and a single wire (component). Looking forward to where their specific interests leads this science unit!

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The Leader in Me

Having now successfully spent a week working with each habit individually, we are now proceeding to begin integrating all seven habits into our daily school lifestyle when and where appropriate. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the school year when appropriate.
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Important Dates

  • Friday, Nov. 13th - Success Celebration Money and Permission Slip Due
  • Friday, Nov. 13th - Box Top Collection
  • Tuesday, Nov. 17th - Cookie Dough and Tumbler Pick-up (2:00-6:00 at the doorway behind the stage in the cafeteria --- if you are unable to come during this time please contact PTO prior and make alternate arrangements)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 18th - Success Celebration (All students need to bring a bagged lunch this day, as our lunch time is changing)
  • Thursday, Nov. 19th - Lenoir Rhyne music performance (@ Blackburn from 11:30-12:15)
  • Friday, Nov. 20th - Mega Party for PTO sales
  • Tuesday, Nov. 24th - Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night (5:00-9:00pm)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 25th - Friday, Nov. 27th - Holiday (No School)
  • Tuesday, April 12th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip*

*This is a little further out, but some parents have asked about our Grandfather Mountain field trip (which will require 4-5 parent chaperons per class with current background checks - please contact the office to check on whether or not we have a background check on file for you or if you need the paperwork to complete one prior to our trip).

Connect with Ms. Werth

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