7th Grade Holiday Party


Grab Some Grub

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Critical Thinking Questions

1. If you use the equation (Y=Mx+B) with "M" as how much one costs and "x" which is what you multiply by depending on how much you need. Also having "B" as the starting cost you will get the answer.

2. No. Because if you drew a graph there would never be a point in which they all meet at one point.

3. You use order of operations to answer the equations to input it into a graph

4. Burger Bonanza- 94 People

Get Stacked- 104 People

Pizza Palace- 112 People

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Turn Up The Bass

1. Describe the steps you used to solve each row of the table.

The equation Y=Mx+B

2. Will there ever be a number of hours where both companies will cost the same? Describe the steps you would use and then solve for the number of hours for which both companies will cost the same amount.

Point of intersect: (1.875, 234.375)

3. How do the steps you followed in Question 2 compare to the Order of Operations?

You have to use “pemdas” to get to the answer because the equation has order of operations in it.