buy jojoba oil

buy jojoba oil

buy jojoba oil

Buy Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is the only pla nt oil known to have a chemical structure that mimics our own skin's sebum. A natural wrinkle fighter, the ability to clean pores & restore the ph levels, and jam-packed with free radical fighting antioxidants, jojoba oil truly is the PUREST way to cleanse, moisturise and LOVE your skin...but wait for it.....!!! What if you could blend that Jojoba oil with therapeutic yet deliciously scented 100% pure essential oils chosen purposely for YOU...?

STEP 1: Choose to either arrange a FREE 10 minute chat with a trained Bubbles skin technician who will work with you to create a blend of essential oils to add to your Jojoba oil that are specific to your skin or emotional concerns... We can either select the oils for you or simply point you in the right direction OR if you know a little bit about oils already, you can choose to D.I.Y and customise your own Jojoba blend.

STEP 2: Choose which size Jojoba you would like to order from our options of 50ml, 100ml and 200ml and how many of them you would like to order here...

STEP 3: Choose your essential oils.... This is the fun step! You can either go with the oils selected in your chat with your Bubbles Skin technician OR you can read the little blurb about each of our 14 clinically proven ‘skin specific' essential oils on the next page and decide yourself which 1 to 3 oils are most suited to you. You can choose up to a maximum of 3 essential oils all for the same set price!

STEP 4: CHECKOUT - once you have choosen your oils you will be directed to our check out where you can make your payment and arrange shipping! It really is that simple - exactly the way skincare should be!

STEP 5:enJOY! Is your skin excited yet because this step is when you receive your Specialty Jojoba blend and the most exciting part of experiencing your own personalised scent! We have been making customized Jojoba blends for 4 years now and so far we have had nothing but uber happy Jojoba users! Something magical happens when essential oils are chosen and blended with

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