Energy Drinks

By: Devin Vogel


Energy drinks, what many people think gives them the energy to get through the day, eventually turn into a main cause of the unhealthiness of a large majority of people who drink them. Movie stars, big name athletes, and other companies are sponsored all the time by the energy drink companies to use their brand names and put their name on other products. People easily get influenced because of this and thus are thrust into the downward spiral of becoming addicted to caffeine, heavy amounts of sugar, etc. There are many reasons as to why energy drinks are absolutely horrible for you and this is just a selection of those many reason.

Basic Background

In the late 19th century, soft drinks came into being and began being sold just about anywhere imaginable. In less than 200 years, a new form of soft drinks, labelled as energy drinks, hit the market. These so called "energy drinks" became popular very fast, mostly targeting the younger age groups, mainly teenagers. With that, health risks became apparent and started to manifest themselves in those age groups. Now, these same health risks, are becoming increasingly obvious within children and teens.

Health Risks

Energy drinks can have multiple health risks associated with them. This is just a selection of those risks.

Short Term

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Some energy drinks can contain alcohol, giving someone the ability to get quickly intoxicated.

Long Term

  • Can cause kidney stones.
  • Can cause seizures.
  • Can contribute to obesity.
  • Irreversible tooth enamel loss.
  • Caffeine can be highly addictive.

People to Talk To

Local groups regarding anti-energy drinks are hard to find so the best you would be able to do is talk to your doctor about energy drink consumption as well as your dentist. With the doctor, you could ask and talk about the various health risks discussed earlier which may include the contribution to obesity, seizures, heart attacks, and its ability to get you addicted to that specific energy drink or even just high amounts of caffeine in general. Your dentist can tell you about how they affect your teeth and mouth. They would most likely warn you about the caffeine and sugar content in them and consuming them on a regular basis would be unhealthy. Both, though, would most likely tell you that, in moderation, are totally fine for you.


Some countries want to make it so that only people 18 years old or older can buy energy drinks. Besides that, there really haven't been many things done to try to regulate the younger generations consumption of the drinks.

Devin Vogel

Mrs. Hinz 5th Hour Health

Health Project Pamphlet