A Revolution Coming Near You!

Why all the Revolting?

Political revolutions have occurred throughout all of history and all around the world. Usually these revolutions take place because of the causes their government had put upon the citizens. Sometimes the government isn't giving their people what they deserve so, the citizens think it's times for a change. Or the people are tired of their government being put first compared to themselves, for example, the leader could be using the citizens for the use of their own benefit, maybe by increasing taxes. Nevermore, the benefits and costs of a political revolution will surely change the fate of any person even if the changes are good.

A Deeper Look into Revolution...

American Revolution

For eight years, the colonists of the thirteen colonies which was apart of the British property had fought against their parliament for their sense of independence. The tensions between the Parliament and their people all began a decade before the revolutionary actually started in 1775. Acts for taxation against the colonists, such as the Stamp Act, Townshend Tariffs, and the Tea Act, were the causes that influenced the colonists decisions to protest for their rights. This all occurred because the colonists, who were located in an entire different land, did not have representation in the British Parliament. "Colonial resistance led to violence in 1770, when British soldiers opened fire on a mob of colonists, killing five men in what was known as the Boston Massacre." Although these events were just one of many as the violent outbursts between the two groups continued.

This was the time when the colonists decided to take matters into their own hands and declared what was rightfully theirs. In September of 1774, the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, where they discussed writing their own document to declare their independence against the British and everything they wanted to include for their own self government. The men decided to meet again in the next year of 1775, however, what they didn't know is that the Revolutionary war would have already begun.

So, Do the Benefits of the Political Revolution REALLY Outweigh the Costs?

  • Providing a sense of organization in a society and not just letting everyone roaming free.
  • Having protection for the citizens by making laws that better the community for them, which could improve their well being.
  • Citizens are able to speak their minds, putting ideas to the government which could influence laws that they believe would be better for the people.
  • Government officials could just be using the citizens to earn wealth, or improving their own rankings in the community.
  • There could be an overpowering system where the citizens are fearing the government.
  • If there is an outburst of violent occurrences, people could lose their lives.
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